Best VoIP Services for Home & Small Business

Up to date, I’ve tracked and tested over 10 different best VoIP services across the country.

While the best small business phone systems might not be as easy to look around as you thought it might be.

Few are not worth mentioning.

I paid and tested most of it to find out the quality and experience on my own.

Some are tested years back but the findings are still valid.

Most of the time, I only signed up for one month and some do provide money back within a good period!

I could recoup back my investment.

Top 10 Best VoIP Providers make it to the List

Here is a summarized list that I’ve prepared for the best 10 performing VoIP services.

Ranking position is based on my own experience and impression after using and testing.

The ranking may be biased towards my preferences but it was backed up by actual data and technical performance find out.

While it does not cost you anything when you clicked on some of the links that might contain affiliate and direct you to our partner merchant, it’s would be best if you are aware beforehand.

1. Phone Power 

Average Ping Time: 283ms

Packet loss: 0

Voice Clarity: 7/10

Price: $8.33/mo
best voip services by PhonePower

Awarded with Deloitte Technology Fast 500 in year 2012. They are the leader in the field of business communication technology and keep improving years after years. With exceptional local support that expands during the weekend and off a working hour for the convenience of the consumer. Their CEO which is also a co-founder for DSL Extreme and Rampage Cellular certainly enriches the company services and experience.

Average Ping Time: 220ms

Packet loss: 0

Voice Clarity: 9.5/10

Price: $24.00/mo
Best voip services by Grasshopper-Phone

Running your business solely on your cell phones. This is what the Grasshopper capable of doing. Founded by 2 entrepreneurs and they had serve more than 300,000 individuals up-to-date. They will show you how you can turn the world into your office virtually and without boundaries. Working effortlessly and flexible is the key to today’s dynamic business environment. They are certainly the solution you have been looking for.

Find out why I ranked Grasshopper in #2

3. RingCentral Professional 

Average Ping Time: 205ms

Packet loss: 0

Voice Clarity: 9/10

Price: $12.99/mo

Go as you grow? The RingCentral professional plan is the basic and most simple straight forward business VoIP you will ever found. Pay for necessity and add-on or expand your system when needed as you grow in the latter time. Maintaining professionalism in your work and business while keeping your number as your business grow. Reducing the infrastructure cost and improving the framework to drive efficiency.

Average Ping Time: 375ms

Packet loss: 0

Voice Clarity: 7.5/10

Price: $6.21/mo

With the slogan of saving over 75% on your monthly phone bill, Voipo strike to get your attention especially for the budget concern consumer. Not just a talking show they are running here, but they manage to reduce your monthly expenses by giving you a promotional 2 years special rate for their VoIP services as low as $6.21 per month. Rich in features and certainly a good choice and selection for US home-based consumers.

Average Ping Time: 170ms

Packet loss: 0

Voice Clarity: 10/10

Price: $19.95/mo

Ooma has been a provider for well over 13 years and has taken not just the phone world by storm but also in the areas of the home and Internet security. The company’s credentials and products are impeccable – not only that, the company is grabbing market share with its affordable prices and flexible packages. For any customer who cares about safety, quality and saving money, Ooma is the way to go. Five stars all the way.

Average Ping Time: 256ms

Packet loss: 0

Voice Clarity: 8/10

Price: $9.99/mo

Trusted by over 25,000 businesses locally. A low cost but efficient VoIP phone solution to your business that you need daily. From my findings, I found out that the Base plan is more than sufficient to handle a sole proprietor or individual business alone.

Find out why I ranked in #6

7. RingCentral Office 

Average Ping Time: 205ms

Packet loss: 0

Voice Clarity: 8/10

Price: $19.99/mo
RingCentral Office

RingCentral, Inc. is an award-winning global provider of the cloud-based business phone system and collaboration solutions. RingCentral has the confidence of over 350,000 organizations worldwide to provide them with innovative and secure ways to connect employees, boost workforce productivity, share knowledge, and strengthen customer relationships.

Average Ping Time: 359ms

Packet loss: 0

Voice Clarity: 9/10

Price: $14.95/mo
best voip services by Nextiva-Pbx-SIP

Frankly, for most business owners, the future of communication is in Pbx SIP trunking. Interestingly, this can be integrated easily and immediately as much as possible. Various businesses have on-premise PBX systems that come in both VoIP and analog systems. They need to think about using the PBX SIP Trunking services from Nextiva.

Average Ping Time: 223ms

Packet loss: 0

Voice Clarity: 6/10

Price: Prepaid

You can’t get a cheaper international calls rate that you have been looking for other than Rebtel. The prepaid payment method that can help you monitor your usage and certainly will not have a bill shock ever. They had achieve one billion minutes of calls up to date. Techcrunch had been recommending them as well when Rebtel launches unlimited international calling. No commitment and you can leave anytime you want with a prepaid method.

Average Ping Time: 346ms

Packet loss: 0

Voice Clarity: 5/10

Price: $7.87/mo
best voip services by Viatalk-Phone

Although they had been in the industry for more than 10 years I still believe they are lacking behind the top players in terms of quality and customer support.

Find out why I ranked Viatalk in #10

Here’s what I did to find out the best VoIP services for you:

  1. Find and signed up with the most popular discuss VoIP in the market.
  2. Getting around with their services and features.
  3. Calling friends and family all over the place to test voice quality.
  4. Ping and technical tests on the connection.
  5. Bugging their customer support with questions.
  6. Cancel out the service. (Usually within 2 weeks)
  7. Published review.

The complete full testing and checking (ranking, screen shot, ping results and etc) can be found here at the Google Spreadsheet that I’ve prepared.