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VoIP predictive dialer solution

VoIP predictive dialer solution
By Joe

What is a VoIP predictive dialer solution?

A voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) predictive dialer is an electrical appliance or device that uses VoIP technology to assist in making telephone calls. The dialer is an appliance riding on the VoIP technology to render predictive dialing solution to VOIP telephone users.

You can consider […]

Working as Tech Support for VoIP Company

A Chat with VoIP Company Tech Support
By Joe

Until quite recently I had a chance to talk with a tech support from a VoIP company. Not to ask for technical or customer service but a deep check and friendly chat with him.

I’ve asked him to write a short job description so we all can know better […]

Whatsapp is Blocked in China

The Most Popular VoIP Messaging App Blocked in China
By Joe

We all like whatsapp.

In fact, we all are using them day in day out.

Not in China anymore, if you are travelling or staying in China. The most popular text messaging app are being blocked for now.

There’s no announcement when it will get released and I highly […]

5 Common problems of cheap VoIP services

5 Common problems of cheap VoIP services & how to deal with it
By Joe

Common problems with VoIP can be solved easily with the right knowledge and knowing what causes them. People that use VoIP regularly often complain that they are not receiving any calls, that they can’t make any calls, the calls have a poor […]

What Makes a Good VoIP

What Makes a Good VoIP?
By Joe

Are you in the market for VoIP services?

If you are, you should know that the provider company that you choose will make all of the difference!

Today, I want to share some of the best features of great VoIP services that should possess.

Look for them when you’re comparing companies. Also, look […]

VoIP Depend Very Much On ISP Speed

VoIP Sucks If Your ISP Speed is Slow

As the title suggest, most of the users that experience bad result when it comes to using VoIP mainly due to poor network speed.

Your ISP speed determine if you are going to get a crystal clear voice transmission or a laggy and jitter sound over the phone.

As what […]

VoiPo Planning To Improve Your Internet Usage

VoiPo Planning To Improve Your Internet Usage

Is your internet usage more or less the same every month?

You paid a hefty amount of internet fee but not fully utilize the facility provided.

The esteem VoIP provider located in Newport Beach California, has introduced a lot of innovative features and plans to enrich your online surfing.

Founded by the […]

How to Roam Cheaply in China Without VPN

Tutorial: How you can roam cheaply in China from Malaysia

Roaming in China can be a nightmare. You can’t access Facebook, Gmail freely. You certainly can’t use a lot of other apps that are deems so freely and easy accessible in your origin country.

China is in a different league and you had to play by their […]

Hum by Verizon

Jack Up Your Car To Beat The Traffic Jam?

Of course NO. It’s just a marketing gimmick from Verizon for their Wifi in your vehicle.

At first, I really thought is it legit to do that to your car? Luckily NO, otherwise, it would be a disaster on the road!

Anyway, do enjoy the short ads video. 🙂

Fiber Optic Expansion Accelerate VoIP Growth

Fiber Optic Expansion Accelerate VoIP Growth

Do you know one of the main criteria in using a good VoIP service is to have a good internet connection?

The fiber optic connection and speed had enabled the expansion of VoIP quality and usage tremendously.

Not only that customers can have a good and speedy internet connection, it also enable […]