18 VoIP services that are standing their ground in Silicon Valley


VoIP in silicon valley

Choosing the best VoIP services for your home or business is an important decision for any individual or business entity.

With hundreds of features and options out there, it can be difficult to decide which services are ideal for a given household, individual or business entity.

Here, I will be focusing on Silicon Valley, the Tech’s heaven place on California.

Why here and not other states such as Washington or Boston?

That will be cover on a later time. Well, let’s start now.

This important factor should therefore be researched so that one makes the right choice. In this guide, we shall take a look at some of the best virtual pbx services available in California to help narrow down your search and options.

Too many choices are bad sometimes. There are 18 in the list though.

1. FluentStream Technologies

FluentStream is an incredible cloud based VoIP service. The company boasts of its first class web portal, fluent cloud, webRTC, world class customer service that covers 24*7 as well as their webphone.


This company offers cloud computing based fax systems and business phone made for the modern day mobile and distributed corporate world. Apart from California, the company offers services to other states in America, as well as other countries such as UAE, India Spain, Australia, UK, and Canada.

3. Lantelligence

Lantelligence is a globe VoIP service provider that handles a number of disciplines including Call Centers, IP Phone Systems, Web and Video conferencing services for different companies.

4. ActiveServe

ActiveServe provides PBX hosting Elastix, Asterisk, and PBX hosting Elastix. There is also a fully managed Cisco Network. The good side, there are no software or hardware that need to buy or maintain.

5. Connect Me Voice

This company offers a range of services from standard voicemail to complete business systems.

6. Digivoix

The VoIP service provider saves a lot of money on all your mobile internet requirements. It offers hosted phone services for only $34.95 which includes long distance calling and unlimited local calling.

There is also the SIP Trunking that goes for $12.95, and it includes 1.6 cents outgoing calls, and unlimited incoming calls, Turnkey IP PBX solutions, providing different IP PBX systems with custom turnkey solutions for different markets depending on consumer needs. Their pricing on hardware such as IP adapters, IP phones and IP PBX systems are quite reasonable from my findings.

7. FastPBX

The service provider offers clients high quality service with the use of using phone solution. The company also offers new, certified world class Cisco handsets with numerous incredible features that can help your business grow.

That is not all, all their systems have 1 year Cisco warranty as well as a 30 day money back guarantee. Plus there are no contracts.

8. Hostcomm SIP

The company offers cheap online purchase and activation, calls, telephone technical support, worldwide support, asterisk friendly and VoIP service plans.

9. Kinetech Voice Technologies Inc.

The Kinetecch Voice Technologies offer cloud based telephone services, video conferencing, hosted and managed services not only in California, but also in Connecticut and New Jersey.

10. M5 Networks

The M5 VoIP offers California for VoIP for business

11. MOBEX Mobile Business Exchange First

This one is also one of the best VoIP service providers in California. The company used a mobile app that works as PBX extension with computer SIP phones. There monthly user fees are also reasonable, and therefore give a complete business appearance and features.

12. Mydivert.com

This service providers sells local VoIP DID Virtual Phone Numbers. It also features free incoming calls as well as call forwarding.

13. nexMatrix Telecom US DIDS

nexMatric Telecom offers free test account at low cost, VoIP origination and termination. It also offers customer support and reasonable pricing.  You can call the customer care for special offers.

14. Phonebooth

Phonebooth sells VoIP business phone plans, unlimited calling, no contracts, and comes with amazing features such as auto attendant and voice to text at low costs. The company also offers SIP Trunking and softphones.

15. PBX-In-A-Box

It is one of the best VoIP providers in California offering contact center services, business VoIP phone service and IT consulting business phone services for only 30.95 dollars- this package also features long distance and unlimited calling.

It features contact center complete contact center services such as QueueMetrics, Predictive Dialer and many more. The Turnkey IP PBX solutions features a number of IP PBX systems with custom solutions for contact center and business.

Also, the starting price for hardware and software is online 0.02 dollars per minute.

16. SIPRoutes.com

This is one is a cloud based SIP termination platform. Via one source you gain access to various primary US backbone. You can select your vendors and monitor your routing needs online.

17. TelcoDepot

The firm is a provider of telephone system, VoIP internet phone service, supplier of top notch VoIP phones as well as Phone System Supplier.

18. Telonium

Telonium caters for small and medium business in California. It uses the Voice over internet Protocol and not the standard landline services. Telonium gives users reliable, scalable and affordable solution. The company also excels in solving telecommunications issues and gives the best solution for businesses and individuals.


If you run thru the list above, you will noticed that none of the above are listed in my recommendation or had been reviewed by Voiptoners.

That’s because our focus on Best VoIP provider are not location specific wise but are more on a general criterion selection. All our recommended are well-established and widely use within our nation here.


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