Voip Security at Risk

VoIP Security at Stake

As more and more VoIP providers are coming into the market without any expertise and experience, they are the most vulnerable victims to the black hat and hacker of VoIP.

Those hackers are stealing your information and contact through the VoIP services that you are subscribing just because the security level are not […]

FB Messenger Hits a Billion Which 10% are VoIP Calls

With just over 4 years as a standalone app for FB messenger, the usage had hits a billion monthly users.

While all these are certainly great news for Facebook. The great news for us as a VoIP community is 10% of those monthly users are VoIP calls.

More and more users and consumers are engaging in VoIP […]

Ringcentral Android App

VoIP For Android From RingCentral
Have you ever wonder that you can manage everything on your palm?

Yes, your hand’s palm.

Grab your smart phone out from your pocket and you can access contacts, voicemail, faxes and etc for your businesses.

Imagine the flexibility and mobility that you can bring to your business with the VoIP phone!

How convenient that […]

Iphone VoIP App From RingCentral

Iphone VoIP App From RingCentral

Iphone VoIP app from RingCentral has been design and engineered so you can take your Iphone and make calls from anywhere with RingCentral while enjoying the low rate of calling using VoIP.

With this apps, you can make or receive calls using VoIP, change settings, handle simultaneous calls, and get notifications on […]

Ringcentral Call Screening Feature

Call Screening from RingCentral

Be in control of your call and phone system!

You will be able to accept, reject or send others directly to voicemail from a specific number.


With the softphone or if you are using one of your desk phone, you will be able to see the caller ID information on your phone’s display, even […]

Jail Offering VoIP Services

VoIP Offering Jail Calls
This is something new and exciting. Technology has certainly been use in a good way for people.

As we all know, a call from prison is highly charges for a phone company and bills into you. A normal 15 minutes of call can be as high as to $18, not to mention there […]

VoiPo Softphone

VoiPo Softphone- Free Calls From Your Computer

Softphone basically is a software that mimic a hardware telephone. You can make calls and receive calls using your laptop or computer if you had the softphone installed on your computer.

While VoiPo works well with traditional phone and there’s no software to be downloaded for them to work. VoiPo […]

Why You Shouldn’t Get The New Iphone SE

Iphone SE Parody Video
The latest release of Iphone SE might be a hit?

However, there might be another saying as their new Iphone SE is everything else but innovation and creation.

For me personally, I do like the 4″ iphone but there’s really nothing much to WOW about.

Basically it just an upgrade of Iphone 5s with a […]