The Evolution of Business VoIP

business voip

Business VoIP might sounds strange and not so common to most of us out there. But we must certainly know a little bit or more on this VoIP, voice over internet protocol.

It has been emerging since its introduction, years ago. It is voices transmit technology over internet broadband that we use every day. Sounds complicated as it can be, but it is just a piece of easy handle technology that helps to enhance human communication in a cheaper and more efficient way comparing to traditional telephone line. The voice that we talk will be transmitting into our broadband and further deliver to our destination into digital packet form.

Since its invention, the voip has been evolving and now most of the voip service provider will provide their customer a phone adapter which connects their normal telephone with their broadband system. It is only just plug and play system most of the time now; there are no needs for installation, wall hacking or difficult configuration in order to use the voip phone system in our house or in office.


What Office VoIP Offer?

office voip

Many will ask, what can a voip offer or what can this thing do for me?

Well, practically, it is just another piece of telecommunication method or tools.

For instance, this is a much cheaper way of communicating comparing to your traditional telephone line. Not just cheaper, but voip also provide more functionality and capabilities in delivering services to consumer. Most of the standard voip system can make conference call, call waiting, call routing, reject and accept certain call on your request, not to mention voicemail. Even the voicemail can be transcript into text and get them emailed to your mailbox for your screening just like the email screening. You do not need to waste more time on listening each and other voicemail, especially sales call.

Well, I can name a few, but there are still tones of other features that nowadays the voip providers provide to their consumer. This is to further enhance the user experience and providing more added value service to them in return of their subscription towards their services. In terms of saving, voip can normally save you up to 60% to 70% based on your monthly phone bill comparing to the traditional telephone service bill.

This is a great cut down and cost saving, not to mention if in a long run. No wonder, more and more business and enterprise are switching to voip phone system. They see the advantage in cost saving yet providing tonnes of awesome features that require for their business or requirement.


How to Setup the Company VoIP

setup voip

As we mention earlier in the post, there are no difficult setup or configuration for most of the voip nowadays. Just a simple plug and play will do, some service provider will even free lease their adapter in order for you to sign into their package.

You will certainly need to use their special phone adapters that require bridging your phone with your broadband. It just has to work that way, unless you are getting a smartphone app for the voip which also available due to the overwhelming usage of smart phone. There require no additional hardware usage, just download the apps from their store or website and install into your smart phone. The apps will automatically connect your hand phone to their service, thus you can make cheap and reliable call remotely. This is another great additional feature that will add in flexibility and mobility for your usage towards the voip.

Basically, there will be no setup require in short. What you need to study is only the instruction and how to use their services. But normally those reading or video tutorial are available at the service provider website. Or you can just simply Google them and seek for advice. It’s not hard to find those information and how-to instruction. Most of the service provider will have their database ready for consumer if they need further study and reading. If you really facing problems and difficulties, they can assist you in phone call, live chatting or even emailing.


Which Business VoIP Provider Is Best?

Up to now, pretty sure you all will be asking, which best voip is suitable for my company/business?

Well, that is a very subjective question. Each individual has a different demand and requirement for the service, so I am guess what you can do is browse around to find the most closes to your needs and requirement service providers. This can be in terms of your monthly commitment, features available, and customer service experience and so on so forth.

It certainly depends on what is your priority list, and I am sure each service provider will have their own advantages among each other. There are many reviews and comparison available also if you need to find out more on the voip service providers. Have one or two reviews reading is no harm for you.

Here, voiptoners would certainly recommend Ringcentral or Grasshooper.