How Can VoIP Enhance Customer Experience – Infographic

By Joe

This infographic is provided by Orla Forrest and she is a marketing executive at Paradyn. Get in touch with her at Linkedin here.


The first rule of running any business is to maximize customer satisfaction.

If the people spending money on your product or service are disenchanted, you’re going to hear about it and you’ll be expected to make things right or else face the risk of losing the customer to a competitor.

One of the best ways of ensuring effective, time-efficient resolutions to customer queries is to adopt VoIP technology such as Skype.

Unlike traditional phone systems, VoIP can be utilized 24/7 and, with many businesses having call centers around the world, there is always someone on hand to listen to the customer.

Also, as VoIP facilitates remote working, the same service representative will be available to handle a query every step of the way, whether they’re in the office, in transit or at home.

With so much competition in the marketplace today, customer service can often be the determining factor in a consumer’s choice of brand.

Plus, with the prevalence of online reviews and the increasing trust that consumers place in these, the use of VoIP to deliver an above-average customer experience is likely to pay dividends for a company as they earn a reputation for treating customers right.

Here is an infographic from Paradyn which explains how VoIP technology can be used for optimizing customer experience by ensuring swift, effective responses to their queries.

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