VoIP Offering Jail Calls

This is something new and exciting. Technology has certainly been use in a good way for people.

As we all know, a call from prison is highly charges for a phone company and bills into you. A normal 15 minutes of call can be as high as to $18, not to mention there is another $4.50 charges for accepting a call from prison. This is an enormous huge sum of phone bill to be absorb if you need to pay them monthly just in order to keep you stay in touch with your loves one.

With the introduction of VoIP system, some prison has engage VoIP provider to provide them this facility just to cut down the cost. This is a good move and a caring move I would say in being considerate.

The VoIP does not require an overhaul for the phone system in the jail which already has, so there will be no hacking or further installation.

This can cut down the expenses of the state prison or federal prison if they planning to switch to the VoIP phone facility.

Voip For Jail

How Can The VoIP Save The Day?

As some prison has already did and using this VoIP facility, they claim that the call rate has been drop to $2.5 for the same 15 minutes call previously that will be charging for $18.

This is a great and incredible saving for both the users and the caller in the prison.

They will not burden their family with huge amount of phone bill. This can eliminate the long-running problem that families experiencing for the high cost of call from their inmates in the prison.

Well, this post does give me some bright day that we do actually helps those that suffer with greater technology. This certainly give more insight of the usage of voice over internet protocol, not just for business and residential calls but can also be implement into different field for a totally new perspective of usage.

I hope we can see more of the implementation of VoIP in different scene and cases, so we can bring more savings and benefits to others.

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