Phone Power Voicemail Features & Setup

Phone Power Voicemail feature

Phone Power voicemail allow caller to leave you a message whenever you are in an inbound call screening or if you have just missed the call.

Phone Power isn’t just providing you a reliable VoIP service, but they are giving you the entire package as well. You can do so much with normally what other people would think as an ordinary voicemail function.

For instance, you can do the following with your Phone Power Voicemail features:

  • Edit Voicemail Greeting
  • Sub-Voicemail Boxes
  • Fax-Enabled Voicemail
  • Voicemail Auto Delete Feature
  • Adjust Ring Time For Voicemail To Be Pickup
  • Remotely Control Your Voicemail
  • Etc


How To Setup And Use The Phone Power Voicemail?

Phone Power setup


Setting up the Phone Power Voicemail feature is easy.

When the phone is connected and working properly, what you need to do is just follow these 3 steps below:

  1. Pick up your phone and dial *21.
  2. You will need to change the Pin here. Enter the default Pin 1111 when prompted and key in your new selected Pin.
  3. Lastly, you need to record your personalized voicemail greeting.

That was easy right as I said before.

Now that you had setup your voicemail feature, I’m sure you need to know how to retrieve your messages if there are any.

Here, you can retrieve your voicemail message in two methods. Whether you are checking your voicemail messages online with your computer or you check them with your phone, it should have not been a problem.

Check Online

  1. Open your Phone Power online account, navigate to Voicemail.
  2. On the left menu bar, click on the Voicemail link there.
  3. You should be able to see all your voicemail messages on the screen now.
  4. You can choose to listen or delete the messages here.

Check With Phone

  1. Pick up your phone and dial *21.
  2. Key in your Pin that you have set and you should be able to hear your messages if there are any.


Can I Use Other Phone To Check My Phone Power Voicemail?

This is a very good question which I think most of us would like to know.

would be the answer here.

You can check your Phone Power voicemail message with other phone while you are travelling.

How can I do that? Follow these 3 simple steps.

  1. Use the other phone and dial your Phone Power number.
  2. Press the * when you hear your own greeting in the Voicemail box.
  3. Now, you should Key in your Pin and you should be able to hear your messages as well.


What Is Sub-Voicemail Boxes?

Phone power subvoices features

Phone Power Sub-Voicemail boxes let you setup different individual voicemail boxes for each person. Say you have 5 people staying in your house, so you can setup 5 different voicemail boxes for each of them.

So, whenever a caller wants to leave a message after the beep. The caller will hear a main outgoing message; follow by the option to dial the number assigned to the 5 individual voicemail boxes.

Well, each voicemail box will have their own Pin and own greeting message. The maximum number of voicemail boxes that can be assigned is 9.

To learn more on how to setup and remove the sub-voicemail box, you can follow this link here at


Read VoiceMail from Your Phone Power

Read Phone Power Voicemail

VoiceMail Viewer from Phone Power allows you to read voicemail through your My Account portal. As simple as looking at your email!

Of course, this voicemail also come with a more conventional way which is listening to your voicemail. This feature will save up your time without the need to listen to all the voicemail, but only browse through your voicemail like you did with your email.

Only important voicemail catches your eyes and you can avoid all the unnecessary voicemail messages.

Save up your time and effort.

Every voicemail messages is sent to your email address you specify. You can keep them as a record for later reference. Change your voice message reading now, to be more effective, time saving and also keeping track of them in email later. This all can help you to be more organize with a simple feature from Phone Power which is the Voicemail Viewer.

Whether you are a residential user or business owner, you simply can’t ignore the importance of this little feature as we have a lot of things to take care in our daily live. This little feature might just as well help us in getting our life better and easier.

Voice message is a great invention as they can help us record important message when we are not available or around for them, but certainly we can improve them with this VoIP service from phone power today.

This features come in free when you signup any of the phone power VoIP package.

Some telephone service provider charges this extra function and might require you to further purchase a voice recording machine. All this comes in free with phone power and accessible in your online account and email.


Conclusion: The Phone Power Voicemail, Is It Free?

My biggest concern will be, are these free?

Or I need to top up or subscribe for these additional awesome features?

Great news is the Phone Power Voicemail feature comes in free when you sign up with their Phone Power Domestic Plan or any other plan with Phone Power.

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