Rebtel Review – Cheapest International Call Rate You Can’t Resist


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Rebtel Can Give You Cheap International Calls

Rebtel is providing Smartphones and PC users the Voip service which truly create a global mobile telecommunication.

They can save up to 98% on all your international calls. Unlike other VoIP services that require adapter, you can use 3G or Wifi connection at your handphone for the VoIP services in Rebtel.

If you are a frequent international callers, then I suggest you to have a look at my review below here.


Who is Rebtel Anyway?

Rebtel logoRebtel started in Stockholm, Sweden back in May 2006. After 7 years in business, they currently is the world’s second largest Mobile Voip company.

During these years, they have build over 20 million users and have been serve more than 2,000,000,000 minutes and still counting. Is quite a remarkable achievement and I can say they will stay in the industry for a very long time, it’s not hard to see why.

They started out with great mobile apps for Iphone, Android, Windows Phone and desktop PC. Providing mobility of great quality for telephony services at the lowest possible prices.

Rebtel will be creating new possibilities of cheaper phone call with new technologies being developed day by day and for certain they are in a constant state of progression.

Rebtel is certainly a good company. Reason being is they are funded by two reputable venture capital firms that works with Skype, MySQL, Twitter, Betfair and Yelp, Balderton Capital and Index Ventures. They are in a great shape and that is also why this criteria is very important in omy review. I would hope that the service provider can bring sustainability to consumer.
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Who Is Rebtel

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What Rebtel Offers?

There aren’t much of features provided or available from Rebtel. That is simply because they focus their service in giving customer the cheapest call ever internationally.

You can make international call from your smartphone, Ipad or windows PC with 98% saving on your normal phone bill. However, there are still some features that available to cater the needs of consumer

Now, let’s check out some of their features below.

  • PC to Phone Calls
  • International Texting
  • International Collect Calls
  • Connect with 3G or Wifi for tablets
  • Anonymous Caller Rejection
If you are not looking for tech savvy gadget, but just dial and talk on the phone. This might actually fit your need. Less the trouble and hassle learning the feature and using them. Just dial and talk but with bigger saving from Rebtel.
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Save Up With Rebtel

Save up 98% on your international call!
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Do You Need Extra Hardware?

No. Rebtel practically works with any phone. Be it a landline phone, regular mobile phone, smartphone, Ipad, Android Tablet or even a PC, it should work perfectly for you. You just need to download the apps or software from their website.


Can I Get My Money Back If I Want To?

Money back guarantee

Yes. You can get your refund payment made within 90 days via Paypal only. Used credit are non-refundable and only remaining balance on the account are returnable.

You have to send a written request from the registered e-mail address associated with your account to customerteam




How’s The Support From Rebtel?

Worry free as there are always help for you no matter how. Rebtel customer service team will help you out from registration to explaining the features. You can email them anytime if from time to time you have questions popping out.

Their customer service support is open from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm GMT during weekdays and from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on the weekend. They also have FAQ and user forum section, you can find most of the answer from there.
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What Rebtel Say About Themselves?


Customer Testimonials

“The really clever part is that when you have two Android phones with the free Rebtel app, a more complex process is all automated.”
Roy Furchgott, The New York Times
“Since its 2006 founding, Rebtel has built its business on low-cost international calling rates through virtual, local numbers in over 200 countries.”
Kevin C. Tofel, GigaOM
“Rebtel has a unique approach that changes the game.”
Tony Bradley, PC World


Dislike What I Don’t Like About

Well, is not exactly dialing the number on your mobile phone to your overseas friend. Rebtel is more complicated than that eventually. I try to make it simpler here.

For you to make international call, Rebtel will give you a local number to call. Then only will divert your call to your international contact. From there, you still need to pay your local phone operator for the local number you call. On top of that, you will be charge a small fee based on the rate published on Rebtel for the international part of the call.

You do not get many features and added on service from Rebtel. Their call forwarding service is still in Beta stage, so please make sure you contact Rebtel Customer Service to ensure that your account is enabled with that feature if you are planing to use them.


LikeConclusion: Is Rebtel Any Better Than Skype?


Rebtel review

Rebtel is truly a mobile VoIP service provider and I would recommend them over Skype. Cheaper rate and more flexibility.

You do not need to have a fix line and internet service at your home or premises. What you need is simply a mobile phone or a laptop/PC.

You can make call from anywhere, anytime. Be it Wi-Fi or 3G connection.

Here are a few points that I like about Rebtel:

Best international call rateHigh mobility services2nd largest mobile VoIP company

No need to worry about your phone bill as you prepaid for their service. You can always know what are your limits from your Rebtel credit account. You can add credit into your account using Paypal, Visa, Master, Ukash, Maestro and some other facility. You can check their FAQ for more details.
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