VoIP For Android From RingCentral

Have you ever wonder that you can manage everything on your palm?

Yes, your hand’s palm.

Grab your smart phone out from your pocket and you can access contacts, voicemail, faxes and etc for your businesses.

Imagine the flexibility and mobility that you can bring to your business with the VoIP phone!

How convenient that can be.

That’s the power of technology today.

Ringcentral android app


RingCentral gives you free apps for your android smartphone. You can download them at Google Play Store.

The app rated 4.1 out of 5 with more than 1500 reviews from users.

If you need to know more about RingCentral. You can get an insight here with my review on them.


What You Can Do With This Android VoIP?

Once you had download the apps. You’ll be able to :-

  • Make & receive VoIP call anywhere with RingCentral (Saving your mobile minutes)
  • Handle simultaneous calls
  • Change setting & manage your account
  • Get notifications on active calls
  • Get notifications on incoming faxes & voicemails

All of these are done with your android smart phone. Suitable for frequent traveler.

I’m not a frequent traveler. But I can see how much it can make life easier and convenient if you are a frequent and busy traveler. All of these can be handle remotely within your smartphone.


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