RingCentral Review- Are They The Easiest To Use Mobile Business VoIP Ever?


RingCentral Pro Plans
Best For:
Always On The Go Professionals
Affordable professional business phone solution.
Limited 300 minutes call cap. Make sure you do not exceed those quota monthly.
Bottom Line
Suitable for professionals that are always on the move. Easy setup and management using only smartphone.

RingCentral Reviews Let You Stay In Control

RingCentral inbound call management lets users stay in touch and in control of their communications. Their unique network provides customer the ability to manage and control of their phone usage.

Flexible customization that enables the customer in how they want their phone system to operate.

RingCentral is the only VoIP host that gives out 10 extensions for their number. Not every best virtual PBX providers are so generous. This is one of the great advantages of the competitor.

Find out more in the reviews of RingCentral below.


Why I Pick RingCentral?

Ringcentral logoRingCentral has been around for more than a decade since 1999. They had launched their first cloud business phone service back in 2003. Their aim is to provide a cloud computing based business phone systems to cater to today’s distributed and mobile business world.

RingCentral innovates and simplifies business communication into a more flexible and modern environment. RingCentral main office is located in San Mateo, California and their start-up team covers a wide variety of experiences and field of expertise.

Over the years, they have been chosen by PC Magazine Editor’s Choice Award, Best of Show for Cloud Solutions at ITEXPO East in Miami. Top Ten Reviews’ Gold and Excellence Awards. TMC’s 2012 Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award. The list goes on. You can check all the rewards and awards from their site later.

These are the recognition for their great products and services from RingCentral, certainly a good guide and reference if you are going to purchase their service later on.
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Know More About RingCentral

Official website @ http://www.ringcentral.com
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What You Get From RingCentral?

RingCentral reviews give you $12.99 a month deal. For that price, you get a professional cloud-based business phone system with at least 10 virtual extensions from your selected local or toll-free number.

This will make your business sound like a Fortune 500 Enterprise. You or your employee can be reached by the customer simply dialing the number followed by the correct extension number.

That is a pretty amazing feature for around $10/month. You are getting yourselves an intelligent business solution that streamlines your business communication flow.

For that price, you also get 300 minutes inbound and outbound calls, internet fax and so on. Not so sure about the 300 minutes calls if is sufficient for business usage. But you can always upgrade on a later stage. I always go optimum to find out what is the limit of my usage to avoid wastage.

Let’s check out some of their features below:

  • Auto-Receptionist
  • Answering Rules
  • Call Screening
  • Call Logs
  • Message Alerts
  • Caller ID Control
  • Click-to-Call Me
  • Music on Hold
  • Mobile Apps
  • Extensions
  • Call Forwarding
  • Dial-by-Name Directory
  • Call Recording
  • Missed Call Notification
  • Softphone
  • Voicemail
  • Cloud Fax

I do like

most of the features by RingCentral. I find them very practical and useful for any business owner, SOHO or an entrepreneur. You can be more responsive to your customer by instantly response to voicemails, missed call or faxes.

Most importantly, there is neither contract required nor any activation fees. Plus you get a special discount signing up from Voipbeast.com.
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Do You Need Extra Hardware?

No. RingCentral does not require any special phone or dedicated phone line to operate. Ringcentral is using unified messaging. Unified messaging provided by RingCentral is a completely stand alone system.

Wait. What is Unified messaging anyway?

Unified messaging is a system that incorporates all your desk phone, mobile phone, PDA’s, fax machine, voicemail, laptops and other kinds of the communication system that you can think of into one seamless system behind a single phone number to allow complete control of your communications.

There will be only one number for your business partner, client, supplier, relative, family, and friends to reach you. You can access all of your business messaging through one number and one set of tools without the need to remember all the password in providing greater work efficiency.

You can use your existing cell phone, home phone or even a PC through Softphone that can be downloaded free for the Professional Plan with only one number. While the voicemail services and faxes operate 24×7 and will be saved into your online account. You can retrieve them anytime, anywhere or even forward to your email free of charge.


Does RingCentral Practice Refund Policy?

30-day-money-back30 days money back only applies to RingCentral Office package. However, the Professional Plan that I’m reviewing has a 7 day of a free trial. Why purchase the service when you can test them out in the first place.

I guess that’s the reason why the 30 days money back does not apply to Professional Plan. During the free trial period, you get to try out for free of all the Professional Standard Features.

One reminder for you though. If you have made up your mind not to continue with them, make sure you cancel the free trial before it ends. Otherwise, it will automatically upgrade you to purchase their service.

“Remember to cancel your free trial before it ends!”
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What RingCentral Say About Themselves?


Customer Testimonials

“Between increased functionality, user-level access, and the ability to manage the system from anywhere, we’re experiencing a 50% time savings”
Matt Benoit, IT Manager, TRUSTe
“I am pleasantly surprised at the way this entire system works. I own a Sports Pick Service and it added many customers in the first two weeks. Thanks.”
Brett Roberts, Brett Maverick Sports
“I love RingCentral and I would refer it to as many people as I can. It is great for me and I hope you guys stay around for ever.”
Jeannine Rutledge, Mary Kay Consultant
“Ringcentral has really helped us present a professional image while giving our customers a way to receive personal selection assistance. The service has helped us reach more customers, and close the sale.”
Shannon Miller, CEO of Venus Rising Limited


Dislike What I Don’t Like

You have to purchase a year in service with RingCentral Professional Plan for $9.99/mo. If you opt for a month-to-month basis, the price would be $19.99/month. You can get the offer when you select your preferred payment option at checkout.

For a normal shopper, you get $9.99/mo for a year service. The price will jump up to $19.99 if you go for a month to month basis.

Make sure you get the special price with us!


Like Conclusion: Is RingCentral The Most Easy To Use Business VoIP?

Early on, I made a claim on whether RingCentral is the easiest to use and manage business VoIP available in the market?

I would have to say “Yes”!

Overall RingCentral is a very good VoIP provider. Especially for professional and business entity, as that is their aim in providing good phone solution to them in the first place.

We want simple and easy to manage a system that does not give us a headache. RingCentral did that. They will certainly help you to improve the impression of your business to become more structural and organized.

Video tutorial at site
Easy setup in minutes
Great support & customer service
Easily customized rules for routing calls and faxes
Set up online or on your smartphone or tablet
Number available instantly

If you are looking for 2 lines and above for your businesses, then I would suggest you go for the Ringcentral office VoIP here.

Before I missed this out, there will be additional Internet Fax feature for free if you sign up now.
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