Compare The Best 5 VoIP Providers – Side by side

I had hand pick these 5 top VoIP from my very own encounters and experience.

I’ve compiled a complete and details table for 5 of these VoIP providers. So you can compare them side by side.

All of the VoIP providers services had been tested thoroughly and all the information are strictly from the merchant itself.

RingCentralGrasshopperVoiPoPhone PowerRebtel
Professional PlanSolo PlanHome PlanDomestic PlanMobile Plan
$12.99* /month$24.00* /month$6.21* /month$8.33* /month$0.00* /month
300 Minutes for Local Call500 Minutes IncludedFree Call to U.S & CANFree Call to U.S & CANFree Call between users
300 Minutes for Long Distance CallInternational call based on posted rate1 hour free International calling /month1 hour free International calling /monthSave up to 98% on International call
Free Trial – YesFree Trial – NOFree Trial – NOFree Trial – NOFree Trial – YES
Use Existing PhoneNo Adapter NeededFree Lease AdapterFree Lease AdapterNo Adapter Needed
30 Day Money Back30 Day Guarantee30 Day Guarantee30 Day Money BackPrepaid Payment
RingCentralGrasshopperVoiPoPhone PowerRebtel
US Based CompanyUS Based CompanyUS Based CompanyUS Based CompanySweden Based Company
Conference Call – Office ProductConference Call – 10 Callers MaxConference Call – 3 Way CallingConference Call – 3 Way CallingConference Call – Not Available
No ContractNo ContractNo ContractNo ContractNo Contract
Mobile support – YesMobile support – YesMobile support – NoMobile support – YesMobile support – Yes
Fax support – YesFax support – YesFax support – NoFax support – YesFax support – No
Voicemail – YesVoicemail – YesVoicemail – YesVoicemail – YesVoicemail – No
Call Routing – YesCall Routing – YesCall Routing – YesCall Routing – YesCall Routing – *Beta
RingCentralGrasshopperVoiPoPhone PowerRebtel
Failover support – YesFailover support – YesFailover support – YesFailover support – YesFailover support – No
Call recording – YesCall recording – NoCall recording – YesCall recording – YesCall recording – No
Softphone – YesSoftphone – YesSoftphone – YesSoftphone – YesSoftphone – Yes
SpeedDial – YesSpeedDial – YesSpeedDial – YesSpeedDial – YesSpeedDial – No
Toll Free Num – YesToll Free Num – YesToll Free Num – ChargeToll Free Num – ChargeToll Free Num – NA
Auto Attendant – YesAuto Attendant – YesAuto Attendant – NoAuto Attendant – NoAuto Attendant – No
Suitable For: Mobile ProfessionalSuitable For: Entrepreneur & StartupSuitable For: Home & Small BusinessSuitable For: Home & Small BusinessSuitable For: Frequent Traveler
*Table Last Updated: 28th May 2018 

Finding The BEST VoIP Service For Businesses – A Quick Guide For SMBs


Both your traditional phone service (sometimes called PSTN) and VoIP transmit phone calls, but that’s where the similarities end. Unlike the former which uses telephone lines, a VoIP service uses your office’s internet connection to handle phone calls.

Back then, a call transmitted through the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) was sent as analog data, which travels through copper wires. Fast forward today, copper wires were replaced with high-bandwidth cables, which transmit digital data.

This is somewhat similar to how hosted VoIP solutions work – using digital data for transmitting calls.

The BIG difference, however, is that VoIP solutions don’t need the same generations-old infrastructure that PSTNs use…and that can only be good news for potential VoIP customers.

With the old infrastructure and expensive network out of the way, you can make a phone call to another computer or phone via VoIP at a fraction of the cost.

Sometimes, the calls are even FREE…and we’re not even talking about the amazing feature sets and unbeatable business advantages brought by VoIP! 

This is how you can increase your business efficiency by using the right virtual pbx.


Unbeatable Advantages Of VoIP

  • Increased Mobility: A lot of VoIP service providers like RingCentral (which was thoroughly reviewed by yours truly) even have mobile apps, which you can use to make and take calls while you’re on the go…something that a PSTN can only dream of! This is a boon especially for businesses that have a mobile workforce. To make the deal even sweeter, you can use the mobile app to ring your office phone simultaneously or to use your smartphone as a standalone extension.
  • Low CostThis is perhaps the BIGGEST attraction of business VoIP services. For starters, there’s significantly less hardware to buy or lease to get started. Matter of fact, many hosted VoIP solutions don’t require you to purchase new hardware. But should your switch from PSTN to VoIP require a hardware investment, you can rest easy knowing that these hardware components are based on standardized technologies…NOT proprietary products that will bond you to a specific provider.
  • Scalable: This is another BIG advantage especially for SMBs that plan to expand. Instead of investing in expensive hardware to accommodate new recruits to your workforce, you can easily add new extensions by simply connecting your SIP-enabled phone to your network and having the right the right software settings. Even better, phones that have been approved for use with your VoIP provider can be hooked up to your network through plug and play! 

It’s only when you’ve determined that it’s prime time to switch to a VoIP service that you should start reading VoIP reviews and caring about the features…and you don’t have to search high and low for detailed and enlightening reviews.

Get in details with the 8 benefits of VoIP.

You can opt for the selected VoIP Providers from my homepage as well. All are tested heavily and pass with flying color.

Here at, I had personally tested and reviewed all the hosted VoIP services that are tailored for the needs for small-to-medium-sized businesses to home use type.

They are:

  • Rebtel: Started in Stockholm, Sweden during 2006, Rebtel now ranks as world’s second largest mobile VoIP company
  • RingCentralHas been around since 1999, and boasts an unshakable reputation for being reliable and cost-effective
  • RingCentral OfficeTime and money should be focus on your business and not your phone system. Leave it to Ringcentral Office
  • Phone PowerAwarded by Deloitte’s 2012 Technology Fast 500 as the 22nd fastest growing company in North America
  • VoiPo: Founded in 2006 by the world-famous internet hosting provider Hostgator and based in Newport Beach, California
  • GrasshopperFounded in 2003 and is now serving over 100,000 (and still counting) entrepreneurs and businesses
  • OomaFounded in 2004 and and had ranked #1 in Phone Service for 5 years in a row
  • NextivaAs one of the nation’s largest VoIP providers, Nextiva has been delivering Amazing Service to businesses of all sizes since 2006