VoIP Security at Stake

voip security

As more and more VoIP providers are coming into the market without any expertise and experience, they are the most vulnerable victims to the black hat and hacker of VoIP.

Those hackers are stealing your information and contact through the VoIP services that you are subscribing just because the security level are not enough to protect you from all these activities.

Lack of technical knowledge also contributing to the facts that most of the VoIP service providers are not covering enough ground to really give a good services to their consumers.

These black hat activities are now alarming all the VoIP industries to take a more stringent measurement to prevent leak of information and to strengthen their security level.

As I’ve always suggest to bet heavily on a reputable VoIP service provider instead going for the cheapest. There must be a reasons why some are charging a premium while others are not.

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If you need more info on the security breaches on VoIP, check out this link here at http://www.computerweekly.com/news/450301901/Context-warns-of-VoIP-wars-at-Black-Hat-USA