VoiPo Softphone- Free Calls From Your Computer

voipo softphone

Softphone basically is a software that mimic a hardware telephone. You can make calls and receive calls using your laptop or computer if you had the softphone installed on your computer.

While VoiPo works well with traditional phone and there’s no software to be downloaded for them to work. VoiPo has the option of utilizing the softphone.

If you are wondering if VoiPo can work with softphone function, then the answer is:




Softphone Access From VoiPo

VoiPo allow all their users to utilize this features that comes in standard with all their plan.

In order for you to use this feature, you must at least have a microphone and a speaker. However, a headset works best. This is because a headset can reduce the echo that you might be hearing.

There’s no restriction on what type of headset work the best with VoiPo. I guess you just need to have the one that work comfortable with you.

softphone earpiece


Which Softphone Software Is Compatible With VoiPo?

While there are a lot of softphone software out there, but there are actually a recommended soft phone from VoiPo. The recommended from VoiPo works well because they had tested it.

VoiPo recommend X-Lite soft phone from CounterPath. You can download the software at http://www.counterpath.com/x-lite.html. After the installation, you only need to enter the sip authentication credential so your soft phone is up and running good.

You can get the sip (Session Initiation Protocol) authentication credential from VoiPo support team.

If you feel like you want something else rather than what VoiPo recommended. There’s some other service that VoiPo users suggest too:

For Mac users:

  • X-Lite
  • Express Talk
For Windows users:

  • 3CX
  • X-Lite

Some mention EyeBean. EyeBeam is just a paid version of X-Lite for your information.

VoiPo offer a 30 days money back guarantee for all their plan. So why not try them out yourself here. If you are not satisfied, ask for a full refund instead within the 30 days. Before you do, please make sure you had read my full review on VoiPo.