I Am Here To Accelerate Your VoIP Experience

As easy as it may sound. My mission is simple. I am here to provide you the best value of VoIP services that are in the market currently. I only had one goal and that is to make sure that every visitor that came into Voiptoners leaving with some great information. They can make the call based on my research and testing. With a fair and thorough examination, I am proud to recommend all the best VoIP services that we able to gather around for you.

All of our selected merchants are carefully picked based on my stringent criteria, especially these 3 best virtual PBX. You can certainly rest assured that they will only bring you the highest quality with the best possible low cost ever in the market. Voiptoners are the best and only give out the best to you. You might even hear of some of our selected merchants on TV or radio. That’s how far I’ll go in-depth to bring them to you. You can’t get them all in one place but here.


Here’s my vouch to you!

Voiptoners’ Valuable Team Members

Our talented writer. She wrote all the reviews based on merchant and our reviewer team’s feedback. Too shy to put on her real photo.
The final person who edit and publish the work. Love the beach and sea. Most of the time are not around in the office.
The person who’s in charge of copy writing and marketing material of the entire site. Love hanging around with people.
Love drawing and art illustration. He’s taking care of every details for Voiptoners’¬†design and layout. A genuine artist.