Review on Nextiva PBX SIP Trunking

Grow Your Business with Unbeatable SIP Trunking Pricing

Previously, most of the traditional organizations commonly used the same landline for their office as well as homes. These depend on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and a costly affair for people who want to make international or long distance calls.

Furthermore, the steep price can even burn pockets when people get charged for call forwarding, call waiting, and even voicemail. Of course, not to forget these types of landlines cannot integrate with other kinds of communications like browsing, internet, multimedia, instant messaging and even emailing.

Not if you are using the best virtual pbx here.

For efficient SIP use, there are certain requirements that you must know.

Firstly, the more individual uses the SIP for their business, the better will be the internet connection (here it is not about dial-up). However, most of the organizations have a robust and fast internet connection and even make payment for landlines. Now they have a great option. Just use the former option and make a good amount of savings.


Procedures Involved in Registering PBX

Before you register your local PBX to the Nextiva’s SIP Trunking service, you need to follow certain steps.

    1. Create and build a device which is somewhat within the Nextiva SIP Trunking Portal. Through the creation process, a unique kind of authentication detail is needed which the PBX must use to register with the Nextiva. In addition, each device will easily develop path for unique calls which is commonly used for routing.
    • 2. For logging to the Nextive Trunking Portal, just go to the website

    and choose the Customer Login present in the top-most right corner. Here you need to enter your credentials and select the Sign In button.
    3. While creating the device among the portal, it is common for you to be asked to fill the information regarding the device’s address, especially where it is located. Keep in mind that it is critical as this generates the E911 information which is commonly associated with the PBX (local).
    4. Now after you have finished filling the E911 information, you need to select from any one of the two options for creating the Authentication Details. Most people recommend the randomly created option. Frankly, this is applicable to the authentication details which are quite important for the local PBX of yours to authenticate or register with the SIP trunking service of Nextiva.

Nextiva Pbx SIP Systems


Advantages / Pros of SIP Trunking


Returns On Investment

Since most of the cost associated with a hosted solution is higher because of the integration of services and features present in the hosted platform, the SIP Trunking provides lower cost for each line. This makes it necessary to receive and make phone calls along with maintain the services or features that are present in the local PBX. The low SIP trunking pricing is irresistible especially for a large corporation.


Cheap Online Telephone Solution

Currently, Nextiva pricing is competitive and affordable for all the customers who are on the lookout of the SIP Trunking services which simply satisfy their requirements. Just contact the Nextiva representatives to get more information or quote with regard to the Nextiva SIP Trunking pricing. You can send an email to or call 1-800-799-0600.


Easy To Manage The Trunking Portal Of The Nextiva

Using the online trucking portal of the Nextiva, it becomes easy for you to handle the caller id, phone numbers, reviewing the history of the calls, adding the various PBX options, establishing the E911 and setting up the forward fail-overs.


Existing Equipment Retaining

Suppose you have the equipment which includes the phone system, PBX, etc which is commonly used by other providers, then it can be easily stated that the PBX will connect with the SIP Trunking of the Nextiva. This is possible by entering the registration string of the Nextiva and directing the device to the servers’ of Nextiva.


International Calling

With regard to other international dialing options, the Nextiva provides competitive pricing. Just visit the website of Nextiva to check out the International rates.


Redundancy Among Various Service Providers

It is common for most businesses to be concerned with the ‘uptime’, no doubt the Nextiva SIP Trunking is indeed the best selection for ‘fail-over’ or redundancy so that it can make sure that the local PBX will easily connect with another SIP Service, especially when there is huge downtime or outage with another provider.


Being Accessible to Long And Local Distance Calling

Nextiva provides the un-metered and metered plan which is quite flexible, thereby ensuring that you are able to meet the business requirements


Integrating Required Features Which Are Apt To Current PBX

If the PBX you are using contains certain unique features which are apt for your business, then you can continue using them along with the applications with your own local PBX, along with maintaining the basic integrity of the call routing, through the usage of the Nextiva SIP Trunking service.



Cons / Disadvantages Of SIP Trunking



Certain devices are not compatible with the SIP trunking. Also it depends on the situation when you need a PBX-style phone. Among them are certain wired alarm systems and elevators.


Single System

Now if you end up relying on the SIP Trunking of Nextiva, it means you are relying on a single connection for your locations. So, in case it crashes, you might end up losing all your communications in your office and everywhere.


Final Verdict – Should You Go FOR It?

Now the question comes down to whether Nextiva PBX SIP Trucking is good, then you can say it is indeed.

Compared to other products like Bandwith, it lacks the required features and tech support.

However, its network is very established and the price is quite affordable, which really makes you go for it.

Check out Nextiva Pricing here.


What To Do Next?

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