Viatalk Review- Are They Good Enough For My Money?


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Viatalk Phone Bill Is Under $95 Every Year, Period.

Ditch your Comcast and get your VoIP under $10/ month. That’s the word utter out from one of the satisfied customers in Viatalk.

Viatalk is a division from, Inc. HostRocket, a web hosting company is a privately owned company and debt-free. Viatalk is the division that provides high quality that uses VoIP.

What catches my eye here is their promotion that offers $189 for 2 years. That is $94.5/ year for my next 2 years’ phone bill.

OK. Let’s find out what Viatalk can offer us here with the review below.


Viatalk Has Been Around For 10 Years!

Viatalk logoViatalk started its business in 2003. Headquartered in Clifton Park, New York. Same like VoiPo, they were actually founded by a web hosting company, HostRocket. To-date HostRocket had hosted over 50,000 top websites.

Some background research on Viatalk parent company. I would want to know if Viatalk can still be here for the next decades or so. Well, the company is looking good with positive cash flow and a high level of profitability.

Viatalk has a 52,000 square feet building for its operation. They have nationwide redundant access points to our network spread across the country in New York City, Houston, Denver and San Francisco, if you guys need to know.

Looking good until this point right? Let’s find out more details together below here.
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How they survive the past 10 years? How about the next 10 years?
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Viatalk Review Plans And Features

Every time I look at Viatalk, it will remind me of VoiPo. VoiPo is my other good VoIP provider here. I’m not saying VoiPo is better. I will leave that judgment to you.

Anyhow, Viatalk also offers over 40+ unique features. But some of them are optional and will require additional charges. Like the virtual phone number for $3.95/ month. Fax service for $5.95/ month. Just to name a few that catch my eye which I believe other competitors are offering for free.

Now, let’s check out some of their features below.

  • Speed Dial
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Forwarding
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Outgoing Call Routing
  • Private Caller ID
  • Contacts List
  • Operator Service
  • Network Failover Forwarding
  • Caller ID Privacy Exception List
  • Three-Way Calling
  • Internet Forwarding
  • e911 Support
  • Call Return (*69)
  • Call Broadcasting
  • Web-Based Call Logs
  • Enhanced Voicemail
  • Voicemail Notification by SMS


Is pretty standard that a VoIP provider will make sure you get your calls whenever there is a Power or ISP outage. You just cannot survive without this feature. The same applies to Viatalk. They will forward the calls to your cell phone or any number you assigned.

Viatalk is giving promotion now. If you prepaid for a year now, you will get the second year free. Otherwise, you will be paying $15.75 every month instead of $7.87.
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Do You Need Extra Hardware?

As with other VoIP services, Viatalk will ship out their adapter to you.

Is it comes in free? Yes, of course is free. You will be getting a Linksys PAP2 for free once you sign up with them.

If you need to rush your order, there’s an extra $9.95 charges. I won’t be paying for this one. I can wait for a few days.

But there’s one charge that you can’t skip. That’s the shipping charge of $10.95.

Oh great. This does turn me off as other competitors offer free shipping. If you have your own device, then the shipping cost will be waived off.


Can I Get A Refund? Must Read!

Viatalk 14 days refundWell, Viatalk does provide a 14 days money guarantee back to us. We shall receive money back if we decide to cancel our service with Viatalk within the first 14 days.

Of course, the shipping fee, activation fee, and one-time-fees are not eligible for a refund.

If by any chance we miss out on the 14 days money-back guarantee. There will be a $49.95 per line cancellation fee. The remaining service fee will be returned based on pro-rated calculation.

Wow, there’s a lot of fee! Hope I give you guys some heads up.
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14 Days Refund Guarantee

Cancel within 14 days & full refund guarantee!
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How’s The Support In Viatalk?

Support is the last and least thing you should worry about on Viatalk. They have 24/7 U.S based customer service. Viatalk divides its support into few sections. Which I think is a nice move. You get account management support separately from technical issue support. This can further bring efficiency to their customer.

You can make a phone call to Viatalk 7 days a week. But please do take note of their operation hour. Their phone operator starts from 9.00 am to 10.00 pm EST, except for Saturday and Sunday which start from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm.

Alternatively, you can submit ticket support or email as you wish. If you the guy that like to find out more, there’s a FAQ section and knowledge base for you to dig in.


Customer Testimonials

“I wish I had time to write a more comprehensive review. I just want to say that I’m very thankful that my son introduced me to ViaTalk! I’ve received excellent service and support at an excellent price! Thank you, ViaTalk!”
“We had a failure in our telephone adapter, so we purchased a newer model. In our discussions with the service department we thought that we might have to go to another company to be able to use it. Wow, were we wrong. The people at ViaTalk bent over backwards to help us resolve any issues and get us up and running. Kudos to the great support people, they got us out what could have been a mess. Thanks ViaTalk!!”
“I’m a new ViaTalk customer via referral from a family member. I appreciate the customer service I have received with setting up my new equipment to the ability to port a previous VoiP phone number. I was informed of the progress throughout and when everything came together in the end and I got my old number back I was thrilled. Thanks!”
Chris F
“The old saying “You get what you pay for” does not always ring true. With Viatalk you get so much more than you pay for! We have been a customer for about a year or so and have had only 2 times when support was needed due to no fault of theirs. Both times I opted to contact tech support via email and was emailed back within minutes with detailed instructions on how to correct the issue. I’ve never had such a positive experience with online support anywhere else. I also love the block a number feature! No more sales calls!! Thank you Viatalk!”
P McConnell

Dislike What I Don’t Like About

Again, it makes me think of VoiPo. Same as the previous, you pay $189 ahead; you get the second year free. That’s the promotion thing.

If you stick to the normal rate, it will be $189 for a year instead of 2. That’s a 50% discount for customers who pays upfront a year.

There’s a mix of good and bad experiences from Viatalk users. I guess everyone’s preferences and expectations are different. If I need to give a rating, it will be 3 out of 5.


LikeConclusion: Should I Consider Viatalk & Give It A Go?

I might actually give Viatalk a second thought. Despite the attractive offer, there’s still a drawback for me on this. To name a few, the shipping charge, termination fee and etc as I mentioned above.

I can find other nice deals around if you’re asking.

Anyway, I shall wrap up my review here with some highlights from Viatalk.

Here you go:

Great offer promotion

40+ over great features

24/7 U.S based customer service

Free adapter (But you bear the shipping charges)

14 days money back guarantee

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Hurry before the Sales end

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