How To Choose the Right VoIP Providers

Getting the right VoIP providers is different from subscribing to Netflix or iTunes.

Given that the correct VoIP solution will give betterment to your business in the long run, a careful pre-purchase assessment is necessary.

Voice over Internet Protocol is a classification of hardware and software that allows people to use the Internet as the transmission intermediate for phone calls by conveying voice data in packets using IP relative to the conventional circuit transmissions of the PSTN.

Sounds complicated?

In brief, it let us call people using the digital form instead of the analog.


Important factors to consider while selecting a particular VoIP service provider

There are several benefits you can experience by opting for the VoIP connection.

Compared to the usual telephone services, VoIP services will reduce your telephone bill considerably, the best virtual PBX will typically reduce the amount to an estimate of about 40-80%.

Additionally, the majority of the deal providers offer service features parallel to traditional services features.

These include caller ID, call blocking, call transfer, call waiting, speed dialing, 3-way calling, and others along with the additional features that are plainly not possible with a conventional analog phone system.

The best virtual phone system usually will come with additional services include custom auto-attendant and virtual fax.

Locating the right VoIP provider can be hard, as there are numerous to choose from, and you are looking to get the maximum for your money.

Below are a few things you should remember when you ask the question on How to choose the right VoIP providers?


1. Cost efficiency

want vs need

Every trade is different and though some larger companies may find that they call worldwide regularly, smaller companies may understand that certain services like free worldwide calling may not be valuable to their business. A correct VoIP provider will present a plan that particularly fits your needs.

The essence is why pay for additional features that you do not even need?

Therefore, look for a VoIP provider that will save you money and give you the features that you require that fit your needs and finances.


2. Value-Added Features devoid of cost


Besides saving your business money, you are most likely to switch to VoIP due to the vast quantity of features offered that you basically cannot get with a conventional analogue phone. In accumulation to custom auto-attendant and virtual fax, additional features of the VoIP include expert greetings, music on hold, call forward, TrueACD queuing, conferencing, call recording and more!


3. Good Customer Service


You also have to look for a service provider that offers the best dependability in the industry, with a fault-tolerant mechanism and near-zero downtime. Verify to see their client support availability, as well as how trouble-free and suitable it is to get in touch with someone if you ever find difficulty with your VoIP phone system.


4. Voice Quality


Voice quality is significant because it has a straight impact on the value of the business’s phone communications. Companies should select VoIP service providers that take additional steps to eliminate static and misrepresentation. Instances include the prioritization of voice packets as well as using the service provider’s personal network rather than the Internet.


5. Scalability


Service providers must be able to house the business’s future growth. Although having the computing possessions necessary to service the business’s rising needs over time is significant, so too is the capability to provide them with added phone features and telecommunication services. Here’s 3 best small business phone system in a detailed comparison.


6. Security


VoIP service should be safe even if the business is not taking dynamic steps to protect it. Service providers should have numerous measures in place to guard their systems. Having firewalls, anti-malware, email filtering, and other instruments in place will help guarantee that businesses do not lose admission to their VoIP phone systems.


Steps in choosing the right VoIP provider


  • Find out if your internet connection is “VOIP-ready”. It happens many times that people are unhappy with VOIP service. Yet, it is not the mistake of the service itself, but the internet connection of the client. You need to first go to the VoIP speed test and run a few of the call feature tests to see if your connection is quick enough to support VOIP.


  • A glance at your phone bill to understand how much you are paying for services and what services you actually need. You can jot down your total sum paid each month for the services. If you are looking to VoIP to actually save up your money, judge how much money it would cost you to get “bundled services” such as DSL modem, and internet services.



  • Next, you need to look at the money-back assurance, contract term, and return policies. Please make sure that any service provider that you are taking into consideration has at least a 30-day money-back guarantee. If they do not offer an assurance then do not even consider them. You can rest assured that all of the major providers present a solid guarantee.


  • If you are operating with DSL, be conscious that you may not be able to call off your phone service. Most phone institutions will offer a “metered service” that you will pay for per call. Due to the fact that you are going to be using VoIP, you will not be making most calls over your copper line, via DSL. It is essential to look into metered service if you are operating DSL. In that case, I would suggest you go for a Broadband service and get rid of the DSL.


  • Look into numeral portability for the VoIP provider that you are taking into consideration. If you need to maintain your current phone numbers then do not think of selecting a provider that cannot let you keep your present number.


  • Lastly, order your VoIP service and take pleasure in all of the fancy phone traits for free that you would usually pay an arm and a leg for through your local phone service provider!


If You Are New, Here Are Some of the VoIP Providers That I Recommend…


1. VoIPo

Termed as “The Amiable Phone Company,” VoIPo presents reasonably priced home phone solutions to its clients. The corporation was created by Hostgator, a well-liked web hosting company, in 2006. Devoted to delivering a dependable and straightforward service, VoIPo only presents one residential VoIP plan that constitutes more than 40+ characteristics for an affordable monthly rate.

a. It has an inexpensive yet feature-packed plan
Voipo’s housing VoIP plan is an admirable option for customers who want to get a dependable VoIP service but do not want to deal with complex or complicated features. Ranging at $6.21 per month for their 2-year contract or $15 per month for a regular monthly plan, clientele can take benefit of over 40 amazing features. In addition, there is limitless calling minutes to the US and Canada, and sixty minutes of free global calling per month. Moreover, users also have the skill to send and receive text messages.

b. Outstanding Customer Service
Voipo is not called “The Admirable Phone Company” for nothing. On top of their outstanding residential VoIP plan, VoIPo also boasts itself in having a great client service team based in Southern California. They have maintained agents and technicians ready to help customers for any queries or anxiety, along with setting up guides and an expansive information base for all of your VoIP questions.


2. Grasshopper

Another outstanding virtual phone system provider is Grasshopper. If you want a rapid solution to make your business sound more proficient, then Grasshopper is your way to go. In minutes, you can fit an auto assistant that transfers calls to you and your co-worker. You also get key industry VoIP features like voicemail-to-email, music on hold, and call transfers.
The only possible thing missing with this service is phone service. Grasshopper forwards calls to your cell phone, landline, or Skype, however, they do not really provide phone service. This makes them more of an auto assistant service rather than a VoIP provider.

Compare RingCentral vs Grasshopper: In terms of Pricing

Grasshopper is a lot affordable when compared to RingCentral. This is for the reason that they do not charge on a per-user basis, nor do they give you limitless minutes per month. At $61 per month after taxes and fees, you can get 2,000 minutes, which about 7 hours per user if you are partaking in the service between 5 employees.

Providing service for 5 employees through the RingCentral service provider, on the other hand, would cost you around $298 per month.

Due to the fact that calls are being forwarded to your mobile phone or landline when you access Grasshopper, in addition, you also have to feature in the cost of phone service. If your employees pay $50 per month for their mobile phone bill, the overall cost would be $311 for 5 users which then comes about to be slightly higher than RingCentral.

As seen above, there are several factors and companies to consider when taking a VoIP service. Ensure that you follow the required steps when deciding ‘How to choose the right VoIP providers’!

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