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It’s on Saturday. My neighbor next door is going to call their daughter that studies in Japan. They haven’t spoken to each other for a month.

But they find out their VoIP system is down for some technical issue, so they bring out their cell phone and start calling their VoIP service provider.

“Oh, is Saturday. No wonder there’s no one to pick up my call.” (P.S: God, I need to wait until Monday?)

Moral of the story; – use your cell phone and make the call? (You have to pay the hefty phone bill). Complaint and ask your service provider to work on the weekend?

Well, sadly enough. You and I know that it’s not going to work out that way.

Don’t close this page just yet. There’s actually a service provider that give free international calls and work on the weekend (even after office hour).

I’m warning you;- it’s a bit lengthy.


Is Phone Power Good Enough To Be Considered?

Phonepower-logoLooking into the statistic, being the 22nd fastest-growing private company under the Internet industry in North America on Deloitte’s 2012 Technology Fast 500™, PhonePower grew 7,642% between 2007 and 2011. This is a remarkable achievement.

The award is to recognize the contribution and importance of the 500 fastest-growing companies in North America. The field of practice includes technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and clean technology companies in North America.

I know this will be quite boring, so I will just go through a bit of the history over here. They started their business in 2005 and headquartered in Los Angeles, California. They have since been growing over the years. I can say that PhonePower is the next-generation telecommunications company that provides excellent VoIP service to the continental US and Canada.

If you need to know, yes:- Phone Power is a 100% US-based company.

Their customer service, sales and support team are all US-based. PhonePower does not outsource its service to foreign countries. This effort not only can create more jobs in America but also making sure of the quality of services they are delivering. This is their promise to customers, and I’m sure they will keep it that way.

Speaking of responsible, Phone Power is also an Eco friendly company.

They recycle used materials, hardware, and products and used electronic wastage to help keep our planet green and clean.

Phone Power is one of the few providers that make an effort to become an environmentally friendly company. We really should give credit to them for making the effort in preserving our planet.
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Know more about them & their green policy
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What Can Phone Power Offer?

To be honest, $8.33 per month does not cost me an arm and a leg. You need to prepay 1 year ahead to enjoy this low average monthly price.

They haven’t increased their pricing in a nearly decade! Something that PhonePower should be proud of and we should be grateful at.

Wait, I thought you mention prepay?

Yes, if you sign up now for one year and prepay ahead, you can enjoy this low monthly commitment price package. Otherwise is $19.95/mo.

Do not worry as the plan comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee with details explained below.

The plan also includes a Free Cloned Second line and features that most of the other telephone companies would charge you for extra. They give you unlimited calls to US and Canada, a free 60 minutes international calls and some 45+ incredible features.

Let’s check out some of their features below:

  • VoiceMail Viewer
  • VoiceMail-to-Email
  • Web Based Call Logs
  • Incoming Call Routing
  • Anonymous Caller Rejection
  • 7,10 & 11 Digit Dialing
  • 3 Way Conference Calling
  • Bring Your Own Device
  • Free In-Network Calling
  • 30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 7-Day Customer Support
  • 211 Community Service
  • Fax Catcher
  • Online Account Management
  • Remote VoiceMail Access
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Call Waiting
  • Softphone
  • *69 Call Return
  • Enhanced 911
  • Keep Your Number
  • Bandwidth Saver
  • 311 City Service
  • Click2Call
  • Iphone App
It’s not hard to see that they generously provide a bunch of awesome features. I do think this would be a good bargain if you have decided to go with PhonePower. I like extra and free stuff.
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Get your free cloned 2nd line also for free!
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Is It Rocket Science To Setup Phone Power?

No. Even my nephew knows how to setup this thing. It’s simply plug and play, unless you have a problem finding your broadband port. PhonePower will ship you a home adapter the next day after you sign up with them. Just connect the adapter to your phone and then to the internet.

The next thing you know, you’re done!

The Two-Port Home Adapter from Phone Power comes with the free lease. This compact-sized adapter gives you excellent voice quality and will be shipped to you immediately with no extra charges. But if you already have the device for VoIP to work, then you can use your own device. They have a list of compatible devices listed on their website;- you can check them out.

OK, it sounds very nice. But I’m traveling all the time, and there’s no need for me to pay for something that I rarely use at home. I bet we all finding excuses not to buy in the services even it’s a good deal.

After all, we don’t need what you sell, friend. We buy what we want.

Phone Power understands this thus they are giving you the ability to fully maximize their service. Even on the moving. So, rather than using the service at home only, now you can even use the phone service from any PC or laptop, anywhere with an internet connection. No extra cost of course. This can be done with their Zippy Travel Adapter and a portable headset.

Speaking of mobility, if you own an iPhone, you can download their Free iPhone app and bring the VoIP phone service with you.



Any Refund From Phone Power?

30-day-money-backI want my money back! You are angry with their service and product for whatever reason and do not wish to continue with them. You can actually ask for a full refund. But please make sure it is within the first 30 days of your subscription.

All their plans and packages come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

If you are canceling, simply contact their customer service and request cancellation; Return the hardware, and a refund will be issued with no hassle. You only bear the cost of return shipping and any usage-based calls, like to the operator.

The drawback for the money-back guarantee is that the policy is not applicable to unsupported internet services.

How am I going to know what are the unsupported internet services?

Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered in this review here. Phone Power support DSL, cable, fiber optic, and T1 or better. They do not support satellite or Wireless internet.
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30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Worry free & enjoy a 30 days satisfaction guarantee!
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Customer Testimonials

“Essentially a set it and forget it device. Only one outage so far (thunderstorm in California knocked out the service for a few hours) Why only 4, not 5? Sometimes have to power cycle adapter to solve incoming call failures.”
“I have saved a lot of money. I am thinking of switching more numbers, but you don’t get a discount. You should have a multi-line discount. I really like the simultaneous ring and many other features that you have. I have already recommended you to several people.”
“There’s only been a few times we have been without telephone service over the years because of a problem at PhonePower. Always fixed the problem quickly. Very reliable. Customer service is great when there is a problem and they are ALWAYS willing to help…and they have ALWAYs answered the phone!!!”
“Other than one outage we have had no problems with our PhonePower service. It was easy to set up and less than $10 a month can’t be beat.”


Dislike What I Don’t Like About in this Phone Power Review

The $8.33 per month charges are only available when you prepay for 12 months in one go. I guess discount pricing is only for bulk orders.

The good thing is that you are not bound into any contract. They provide a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

You can cancel your plan with no hassle at any time. They do not provide any free trial, but you can always try them out and ask for a refund if you are not satisfied.


LikeConclusion: Is Phone Power The VoIP With The Best Customer Service?

For this very reason, I had engaged with them and found that they certainly can accommodate my request and their response is very fast. I personally feel comfortable dealing with them. You certainly do not want a service that does not respond after you had paid for their services.

Well, I can simply spend $10 for nothing.

So, $8.33 for a month is worth the deal for me. I had gone through with a lot of VoIP providers, and I must say that most of them are charging around $15 a month. Certainly, they is not the cheapest in the market, but they are for sure is among the lowest.

Unlimited call to US & Canada

Free 60 minutes international call

Good customer service support (available 24/7)

45+ features available

After carefully reviewing PhonePower and their services, I highly recommend you to give them a try. I started saving by changing my traditional land-line to Phone Power. The usage and quality are just same as a traditional phone but with a lower monthly phone bill.

Trust me that you’ll be much happier to receive your monthly phone bill from now on.
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#1 Voted Home VoIP in USA

Phone Power provides unlimited service to over 99.9% of the residential users.
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