Why VoIP Is Not Perfect And How To Overcome Its Drawbacks?

VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol helps in transferring voice data using an internet connection rather than sending it through conventional phone calls.

It has a number of advantages over the traditional phone call system such as lower cost, easy data and voice integration, and easy mobility.

However, besides offering you all these positives, VoIP has certain negatives associated with it, too.

As an existing or potential VoIP user, you should be aware of the following disadvantages of VoIP as well.

Let me draw those bad things out for you below here:



1. Voice quality of the calls


The Quality of Service of VoIP depends on a number of factors such as the broadband connection, service provider, hardware used, and the place where the call is being made.

Problems related to any of these factors can affect the call badly and lead to delay, echo, and unwanted noise in the same.

Such problems have been experienced by a large number of users.

In order to overcome all these, you can adopt various means such as registering with a better service provider, changing the broadband connection, or using quality hardware parts.


2. Security

identity theft

Another major concern with the VoIP system is security.

It is highly prone to identity theft, service theft, virus, and malware problem, spamming, phishing attacks, and many more.


3. It is not dependent on wall power


The traditional phone call system does not need any constant power supply. You may need to charge the phone, but you can even keep it functional for a certain time duration when there is a shortage of electricity.

However, this is not applicable for VoIP. It needs a constant supply of power from the wall and it is certainly a disadvantage of it.


4. It is highly dependent on the bandwidth


VoIP calls work on the basis of the internet connection and internet connection refers to Broadband in most cases.

Naturally, it is highly dependent on the Bandwidth.

When there is a problem with the connection, the phone line experiences problems too.

Also, poor connection and shared connection can lead to various problems in the VoIP call service.

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5. Associating geographic location to the IP address


Associating geographic location to the IP address might be another problem.

It is not possible to implement 911 emergency calls with VoIP.

The numbers that are used in the case of VoIP are all IP-addressed phone numbers.

But the IP addresses cannot be associated with geographic locations and it thus becomes difficult to track which location the caller belongs to and assign a call center accordingly.


6. Limitations due to problems in computer


Another major problem with VoIP is a phenomenon called “processor drain” which can affect a call. Your system could crash in the middle of a call and computer problems can thus disrupt the phone call system.


7. You cannot integrate other devices with it


Integrating the different devices such as television, video recorders and home security systems with the traditional phone call system is possible.

Practically, you just can’t really integrate them with any of the VoIP systems on the market right now. Who knows this might happen in the future!

Here’s The Solution

Despite picking on the very best virtual PBX providers out there, below are some of the quick fixes for you.

So these are the various drawbacks of VoIP service which trouble the users and affect the quality of calls in VoIP.

But how can you overcome these drawbacks?

First of all, the network should be well configured and have the sufficient bandwidth. This will reduce the chances of network errors while making calls. There are companies which offer VoIP to the dial-up users. Also, in case of DSL, the quality of your call may degrade.

So, it would be best to go for an Ethernet connection.


Again, if you have a large number of computers using the same internet connection, it is quiet the natural that you will be experiencing difficulties since all the computers are drawing the same resources and the quality will be worse than expected. Same as above, you may also arrange an Ethernet connection to solve the problem instead of going wireless all the time.

You should also register your number online so that you are able to make 911 calls from your VoIP. Most of the VoIP providers do include E-911 features for their services.

Otherwise, as discussed above, it will not be possible for you to make regular calls via VoIP.

If you are experiencing bad weather conditions, what you can do is simply reboot the VoIP.

This often comes as a solution to the troubles that you are facing.


The Use Of Good Hardware


You should also use the correct hardware. It often happens that when we use poorer quality of hardware and it might just end up experiencing a noisy transmission. One of the most useful hardware parts is the ATA or the router.

It helps in bringing ordinary telephones to the networked world. It is that part that helps in establishing a connection between analog phones and a VoIP network.


The Use Of Compression Software


One very significant step that can be taken for solving the majority of the VoIP problems is to use compression software.

Such software is more commonly known by the name of codec. It can be used to compress data before transmitting it, such that there is no issue while transferring the bulky data.

What the codec does is converting the analog signal into digital form and then sends it in the form of lighter packets. These packets can be easily transferred and after transmission, it can be decoded in the right way.

However, choosing any arbitrary compression software will not serve your purpose. You need to use the right compression software for achieving the desired results. Bad compression software often associates the noise with the sound that is generated.

You can check with your VoIP providers to make sure you get the correct codec.

Compression is a great technique that can help in improving the voice quality of the call. But you should also keep in mind that the right hardware and proper bandwidth are necessary for compression software to work.

Otherwise, it will not be possible for you to get the desired qualities from a VoIP call even after investing a lot of money in good compression software.


Final Words

Keep all these in mind and overcome the problems with your VoIP connection!

It can be bliss if you can use it in the right way.

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