Interviews with Grasshopper Clients

In the modern times of growing technology and rapid advancements, every work or task has become easier and more comfortable.  A cell phone is an immensely usable and significant part of our daily lives which can be seen around us for a major portion time of the day.

How wonderful it can be to run your daily chores or other businesses on your cell phones?

The prospect of doing so is very interesting and to know more about it, you have to learn about Grasshopper which is an online entrepreneurship platform enabling you to run your business and other related tasks by using your smartphone.

In fact, they had been voted as the top 3 best virtual PBX here for small businesses.

Given below are certain customer interviews which will enhance your outlook towards Grasshopper and why one must use it for running businesses:


Hello Carolyn, tell me about the features which drew you towards Grasshopper?

The features of this company are quite enticing and they are customized sufficiently which makes it all the more appealing. Once you dial in the required number, you get options for selecting numbers-1, 2, or 8 which indicate queries or details regarding sales, support and name directory respectively. You do not have to search haphazardly for elaborations randomly since the feature is pretty organized. Another feature I have loved a lot was making calls by simply showing the Grasshopper ID.

In this case one can make the call by using the Grasshopper caller application which I did myself; the callers will never come to know that you are calling from a mobile phone and this restores a certain amount of privacy.


Well, have you obtained any advantages after having used this application?

Yes, I very much have. Since I run my own non-profit organization with minimal assistance and help from other members of fellow associates, it is important to have cost-effective products and being economical for the betterment of the growth of the business. Since Grasshopper works with existing mobile and home or office phones, you never really have to spend your time and money; I would rather say waste on procuring and installing hardware.

In this manner, I could cut down on my expenses, plus the idea of working virtually really fascinates me. When I am busy with work and cannot stay online or cannot receive it, Grasshopper provides me with the feature of putting the call into a voice mail. I have seldom used the feature of hearing the caller’s phone number as well; however, I am certain it is useful at times. Also, I never had to waste an extra second on calling in to check messages since there is an option of checking the MP3 or PDF while checking emails.

Yes, it is that easy and effortless!


Would you recommend Grasshopper to your friends and relatives? If so, why?

I would definitely do so, in fact, I already have. I have a very professional approach when it comes to working or running an organization and this application gives me almost what I require and need in order to run my fundraising properly. With the business SMS feature of the app, one can send professional text messages to colleagues which I have done quite a number of times and it has never disappointed me. The app helps me in offering text support to my customers as well which has helped me connect with them in a more amicable manner. As my connection is growing, I wish to apply the feature of record greetings as well which will enable me to record greetings or even upload them as conveniently as we do use mobile phone greetings.

There was a notable customer interview with Allan Branch too who is an accountant, he has spoken highly of Grasshopper as mentioned below:


Hi Allan, what exactly made you install Grasshopper and not some other applications?

Well, firstly, to begin with, I am an accountant and it is really important for me to have maximum site visitors on the website I have made for running my own business; to be very honest, Grasshopper has given me all types of facilities for the growth and betterment of my business by merely using my smartphone. I did not have to purchase hardware and other expensive equipment for setting and developing the business but I am doing so with just one or more tap on the screen of my phone. When I receive voice mails from clients or website visitors, I can simply click on the “read your voice mail” which is a transcription included within email notifications and by which I get to know the sole purpose of those voice mails. It can be said with certainty that this app stands out among the rest in the present time.


How has using Grasshopper helped you?

Business involves a high amount of risk factors, undoubtedly. With Grasshopper I can know who is calling prior to accepting the call in order to get rid of undue risks and unnecessary calls. Also, by simply using the Grasshopper ID I am able to make calls that practically do not involve any kind of effort. Keeping aside the business work, I can also listen to music and keep it on hold while doing tasks or managing calls.

Other aspects such as conference calling, custom main greeting, unlimited extensions, voice studio, and call screening have been of immense use to me, of late. I am able to make multiple calls to clients and site visitors, know their queries and complaints, and make an effort to solve and rectify them. Couldn’t have been happier having got this app installed in my mobile phone.

Most importantly, it help me to

convert site visitors to sales by having a professional phone number on the website!


Thank you Allan and Carolyn for spending with me for these short interviews and sharing their experience on Grasshopper. I’m certainly more than happy to recommend them for your business start-up if you are looking for a phone solution that really helps out and does not suck. If you need to know more about them, do check out my in-depth review here.


In case you want to check out Grasshopper in details.