Internet Fax Service- Is It Really Free from RingCentral?


The best deal is they are free! Internet fax service is free with any of the RingCentral plan. No additional charges.

Well done to you if you already know that RingCentral internet fax service is rated number 1 in the industry. You are smarter than 75% of the people. You know what you are getting and know what is best out there.

But if I told you that you can get the number 1 rated internet fax service free of charge!

Will you believe me?

Internet fax from Ringcentral

Great. Let me reveal the truth for you here. The internet fax service comes in free when you get the VoIP service of any plan with RingCentral.

Normally, you have to subscribe the internet fax services for $7.99/month with RingCentral alone.

Now, you just need to top up another $2.00/month. You can get these:-

  • High quality of VoIP service from RingCentral (You can read the complete review here)
  • 300 free minutes to local & long distance call
  • Internet fax service in US or overseas
  • Broadcast faxes to multiple people

There’s no voucher or coupon needed for the promotion. All you need to do is get on with the free trial.

You can access to all the benefits and test out the products for 7 days.

If you’re not happy with it, cancel the free trial before it ends, and you will not be charge for anything. Otherwise, you will be automatically upgrade to the selected plan and start paying for the service.

p/s: Don’t let RingCentral know that I teach you this.


Why Should I Bother Of Getting An Internet Fax Service?

You should if you care about the following:-

  1. Internet fax is more affordable than traditional fax.
  2. There’s no need for a fax machine other than internet connected computer (You already have this as you are reading).
  3. There’s no need for paper & toner. Be an environmental friendly guy.
  4. You still need your own fax number (Being taken care once you sign up for the free trial).
  5. Fax document format can be in PDF, TIFF, Words, Excel and etc. More flexibility to edit or modify the document.


How Good Is The Internet Fax Service?

There’s a reason why RingCentral internet fax service is rated number 1.

I’ll name a few here:-

  1. Your customer will never get a busy signal. As RingCentral will never tied up your line when processes incoming faxes.
  2. Able to access the fax functionality in multiple devices. (PC, tablet, Smart phone, etc)
  3. You’ll be able to send & receive faxes around the world. Either a toll-free or your selected local fax number.
  4. RingCentral provide free fax software. So you can edit, preview, print, design custom cover sheet, add notes or sign faxes electronically.
  5. Get instant alert whenever receiving a new incoming faxes (By text message, email or Softphone features).
  6. Send faxes directly from Microsoft Office.

What’s being amazed is RingCentral never take lightly on the security issue. All your faxes are stored in a password protected online account. All your outgoing fax will be encrypted before being transmitted.