VoIP predictive dialer solution

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VoIP predictive dialer solution

What is a VoIP predictive dialer solution?

A voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) predictive dialer is an electrical appliance or device that uses VoIP technology to assist in making telephone calls. The dialer is an appliance riding on the VoIP technology to render predictive dialing solution to VOIP telephone users.

You can consider this an added advantage or advanced assistance to VoIP solution, be it in the personal or large scale commercial deployments. With the dialer calls set ups are expedited and properly managed.

A VoIP predictive dialer is a great improvement upon the traditional auto dialers which were just like automatic answer machines.

Recent VoIP PD is capable of sorting and generating calls on its own. For convenience it can be configured to run automatic voice response scripts and store information for further processing either by human or machines.

VoIP predictive dialers are fast becoming very popular among private, businesses, corporations and related setups for a number of reasons particularly when coming from the price angle.

What we have tried to achieve here is to research into various VoIP predictive machines with the view to finding out built in capabilities for users optimal satisfaction.

Part of what this site will help with is reviews on available VoIP predictive machines and I believe our findings will help in your choice of machines.


VoIP predictive dialers – A Call Center delight

VoIP predictive dialer is the latest call friendly technology that can take your burden off calls management, and create time for other commitments while your calls are being attended to sufficiently.

Arguably the most beneficiaries of this technology are the call centers and BPO industries. When properly applied with the right machine capability, this technology can create fun and satisfaction in service delivery.

More than this, operations can be fast-tracked thereby saving time and cost related to delayed calls and responses.

Call center is essentially the heartbeat of most businesses, no wonder some organizations painfully embark on this very expensive structure despite the day to day expenses on maintenance and some rather prefer to outsource, choosing to spend more and to save headache.

Happy call center

For all of these troubling issues, the VoIP predictive dialer has come to provide answers and make call center delivery more delightsome and sound professional.

Thus with voip predictive dialer your calls can be managed electronically in the absence of humans. the voip predictive dialer basic capability is designed to:

Be able to predict incoming calls availability and automatically transfer correctly to assigned desks

Handle several campaigns in a sequence

Calls automation sequence

Automatically check voicemail system

Automatically call back missed calls

Check call management, logging and recording


From available analysis, investment in VoIP Dialer will yield returns and goodwill as satisfied clientele reward in cash for efficient call handling. Believe it or not… voip predictive dialer empowers your call center for satisfied service delivery and stands you out amongst competition.

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