Can I Send Fax with a VoIP Phone?

By Joe

Many people think that they can’t buy VoIP phone service because they need to fax.

However, VoIP phone faxing is actually a possible and very viable solution. Now you can save a great deal of money and receive the clear digital service that you can get from VoIP phone services such as Comcast, Clear, and Vonage.

Especially when you are into the small business phone solution system where faxes are one of the important factor to be considered.



How can you setup your devices to send a VoIP phone fax?

The best part about this is that you don’t really need any extra software, hardware, or extra accessories.

You can use the same faxing machine that you have been using as long as it still works.

You simply have to setup your internet depending on which VoIP phone service you are trying to get.

If you get Comcast or Clear VoIP phone service then you don’t have to worry about much because the internet modem is actually built into the VoIP device.

That means you would just plug in your fax machine to the internet modem to start faxing.

Your fax number would be your VoIP number.

In the event you want to separate them, you can also get multiple VoIP lines from the same internet service provider.

If you are using the same line for phone and fax then you will have to plug the phone into the fax machine.

If you are using wireless Clear then you will have to make sure you have the best signal that you can get in your home. If you signal is too weak then it can affect the quality of your calls and the VoIP phone fax quality.

In most cases, this is not a problem because broadband services usually offer more than enough internet bandwidth that is required for VoIP phone faxing.

Other things that you may have to look out for are services such as magicJack.

If you have magicJack then you will have to keep your PC on all the time if you want to send and receive VoIP phone faxes.

If the VoIP phone service has its own modem that is powered by a wall outlet then you will not have to have your computer on to use the VoIP service.


The Problem with Faxing Over the VoIP Channels

From my own experience, the fax quality is certainly not as good as the old days.

Not to mention the reliability, so it’s not all good about faxing over the VoIP channels. While it might be getting better each and every day onward, it still have it’s own limitation and restriction as of now.

Download this PDF reading about Fax over VoIP Problems for your own digestion and have a better understanding on it before you get into any of these services.

If you need to talk to someone about the faxes problem, you can actually live chat with one of the specialist from our recommended VoIP provider here.

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