Call Screening from RingCentral

call screening feature

Be in control of your call and phone system!

You will be able to accept, reject or send others directly to voicemail from a specific number.


Hear and See Who’s Calling You

With the softphone or if you are using one of your desk phone, you will be able to see the caller ID information on your phone’s display, even before an incoming call is connected.

Before hand, you need to configure your system to prompt caller in order for the system to recognize who is calling you. Then you will be able to accept, reject or send them directly to the voicemail.


Block Those Unwanted

You can block a specific number if you do not want them to call you again, especially telemarketer. Softphone is able to display telemarketer hidden number, this make it easy for you to be able to block them. Life will be much easy with lesser important call.


Text-to-Speech Message Reply

Too busy to take a call or feeling reluctant to take the call now?

Reply with a default message or type a custom message that will be read to callers using text-to-speech technology.

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