VoiPo Planning To Improve Your Internet Usage

voipo internet usage

Is your internet usage more or less the same every month?

You paid a hefty amount of internet fee but not fully utilize the facility provided.

The esteem VoIP provider located in Newport Beach California, has introduced a lot of innovative features and plans to enrich your online surfing.

Founded by the internet hosting firm, Hostgator, this was named as the one of the 21st Fastest Growing Privately Owned Firm in USA by the Inc Magazine.

Having their knowledge support staffs located in southern California, this VoIP service provider handles all your problems and inquiries professionally sans language barriers.

Now there are certain people who feel that this firm hasn’t got the standard features and functionalities, but that has been completely overthrown by the effective plans introduced by VoiPo. Check out one of my review about them here. One of the major advantage towards competitor is providing unlimited calls to Canada and US, along with 60 free minutes of international calls each month.

Some of the basic features are :

  • Call forwarding
  • Call Waiting with ID
  • Seven, ten and eleven digit dialing
  • Portable VoIP Device
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Contacts List
  • Three Way Calling
  • Emailing of Voicemails
  • Three Way Calling
  • Control Feature Through SMS

Through VoiPo, users can make sure that each of their calls will be directed to the Network Failover Forwarding. So, what happens is that when there is any kind of ISP or Power outage, then the system will then automatically start to forward the calls to the required numbers which are pre assigned. And the best part is that you can never avoid any kind of miss calls, which is a pretty neat and cool feature, available at a price of $6 each month.

For me, I don’t mind to miss a few calls. But if you are a freak caller and want to pick up every single call, this feature suits you perfectly!


Money Back Offer

Unlike other VoIP service providers, VoiPo provides extensive thirty day money back guarantee. If the user is not 100% satisfied, then they are eligible for 100% money back guarantee and no doubt, this shows that there is a risk free trial with regard to the VoiPo. If you want on be on the safe side, make sure to check on the TOS before committing.


What You Might Hate

One of the major disadvantage with using VoiPo is that you need to buy the two years service of Voipo for $149 for each order to enjoy the $6.21 per month,  else the cost will be about $15 each month for the same kind of package and that too on the month to month basis. 2 years seems to be a long contract form for me. But hey, if you really are committed and like their services, why not!
Frankly speaking, one thing for sure is there will be no false promise in terms of the commitment and services that VoiPo is providing. Also you can try the extensive feature of the plans of the VoIP, all for about 30 days with a full refund, either if you want or not.


Final Verdict

Lastly, is the VoiPo one of the best and good VoIPs? Through various research and feedback, no doubt the VoiPo provides the best and great package prices. Besides the great services and features in comparison to other competitors, the VoiPo provides unbeatable features at cheap prices, as other might charge higher for the same quality.

Besides proven to have a great and successful record, from their founder firm, Hostgator, no doubt, the VoiPo service is truly one of the great things. Users can really enjoy the extensive features and packages which are simply backed by a great brand. So, go ahead and try now here.


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