Are You Falling for These Myths About VoIP Service Providers?

By Alicia Sandino

It’s impressive to reflect on the transformations we have gone through with communication strategies in such a brief period of time. What used to require months with stamped mail currently takes a matter of seconds using just one finger. Nevertheless, there have been doubters of these new technologies.

Even with VoIP service providers having demonstrated time and time again the ability to provide clear communication benefits for businesses, VoIP service providers have reaped a bad track record that has kept companies from enjoy its vast advantages. Some might say this is related to a fear of the unfamiliar or a simple misconception of the technological innovations itself.

If that’s the case, then it’s time to convert this anxiety of the unknown into progress!

That’s exactly why we’re here to debunk the 5 popular myths about VoIP.

5-Myths on Business voip


1.Increased Expenses.

Older phone systems required you to invest a ton of money just to add one or more phone lines to broaden your presence throughout different areas. These days, VoIP service providers have made it easy to expand your staff and small business sites without minimizing your funds. VoIP service providers have various rates for the type of services your business currently requires, which helps you save by offering the absolute necessary services and none of the unwanted. VoIP is an overall more affordable telephone method; perhaps that’s why businesses are finding it easy to depend on VoIP service providers for their communication method.


2.Small Businesses Will Not Prosper.

This kind of is an unfair misconception because its preventing numerous small organizations from engaging in a tool that can save them time and money right away. It’s not about saving a few cents every month, either; some companies see up to 60% reductions in their bill at year’s end. Even though sizable businesses effectively rely on VoIP service providers, small businesses would in fact make the most use out of VoIP. If you’re operating with a limited budget and sparse assets, look into VoIP service providers who can provide beneficial business communication services such as auto attendant, call forwarding, ring groups, and more.


3.Setup and Routine Maintenance Are Frustrating.

When you imagine a business phone system, you may be imagining a server that requires a storage room and needs to be sustained by a highly-trained and expensive IT staff. Fortunately, cumbersome hardware is no longer required with VoIP telephone service; most VoIP providers use remote provisioning for quick and simple set up. If you choose to invest in phones in addition to service, all you have to do is plug in the phones to the appropriate ports and wait for your phone to boot up. As for upkeep, hosted VoIP service providers have their own IT personnel who are accountable for handling updates.


4.Call Condition Suffers.

This may have been certainly true when PBX systems were first introduced, but just as businesses develop over time, VoIP has also experienced substantial enhancements since its creation. With a broader range of channels for voice data to travel through, blockage and jitter is less regular. Including high-speed internet connection will only make the call quality that much better.


5.It’s a Fickle Technology.

People most likely would not run an enterprise without having internet connection. Think about it; how would you access email or skype, keep tabs on your competitors, and keep in touch with associates around the country? Numerous VoIP deniers dispute the technology because it is seen as an undependable asset when in actuality, it’s just as dependable as your internet connection. In fact, if you currently have an internet connection in your company right now, then you’re practically ready to implement VoIP phone service.


Restoring Your Confidence in VoIP Providers

We understand that it can be intimidating to trust anything you formerly presumed was bad for business; however, if you know an individual who is presently utilizing VoIP, ask them about their personal encounters. If you can get started on a trial period to experience for yourself if VoIP is actually living up to its advertising, that’s even better. As soon as you’re familiar with the ways VoIP providers can make an impact on your business, you’ll be asking yourself why didn’t try it before.


Deciding Between Business VoIP Providers

We’ve determined that business VoIP providers deliver conveniences to enterprises of all sizes. If you’re a small business looking to save on expenses and time, there is a useful communication technology that’s right for you.

Check out business VoIP providers like PBX systems for customized options and start believing in the capability of the cloud.

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