What Makes a Good VoIP?

By Joe

Searching for Best VoIP

Are you in the market for VoIP services?

If you are, you should know that the provider company that you choose will make all of the difference!

Today, I want to share some of the best features of great VoIP services that should possess.

Look for them when you’re comparing companies. Also, look for years of experience, excellent customer service ratings and good prices.

If you are missing out some of the puzzles here, it might not give you the best experience and value for your VoIP searching venture.

For a starter, check out some of these awesome features that I’ve listed below. Not a necessity but definitely a good value add-on.


Entry Buzzer Integration for Door Phone Entry

This is a cutting-edge feature that you may come to value!

Use it to integrate analog door phones in order to make two-way calls with those who come to your front door.

If you want to let the person you’re talking to in the building, you’ll be able to unlock your door via your phone.

You probably didn’t realize that it’s possible to improve security at a building by accessing the right VoIP services.

Now, you’ve got the inside scoop!


Discover Call Routing for “Find Me/Follow Me”

If you tend to work remotely, this feature will probably be really appealing.

Call routing of the “find me/follow me” type will give you the power to put together a group of numbers where you may be reached, before a call is moved over to a voicemail service.

To make this clearer, let’s say that your office phone rings twice. When the third ring follows, you also get a call from your smart phone.

Next, you receive a home phone call. If someone who’s calling goes through the whole list, their call will then be transferred to voicemail.


Email Transcription to Voicemail

Another ultra-modern VoIP feature which is well worth looking for while you hunt for the ideal provider company is email to voicemail transcription.

With this feature, a voicemail message will be converted to text and then be sent to a pre-assigned email address of your choice!

You won’t need to write down numbers, addresses and names.

You’ll have the information right there where you need it.

This will give you the power to organize, file, search and delete voice mails in a much more convenient and relaxing way!


Look for Superb Call Screening

Call screening really comes in handy and it’s a feature that those who want VoIP should be interested in accessing!

When you look for the right service, you’ll be able to enjoy call screening.

This means that you’ll have the capacity to look for numbers on your caller ID and then decide how to treat those numbers.

To cite an example, if your romantic partner calls, you may route the call to your smart phone. If it’s an annoying salesperson who just won’t take “no” for an answer, you may have that person disconnected.


Search for a Conferencing Feature

Conferencing is available via VoIP, as long as you choose a premium provider company.

It’s actually a feature that you shouldn’t need to look too hard to find!

Some people don’t realize just how useful it is, so let’s talk about what a Conference feature has to offer.

First off, with conferencing, you’ll be able to configure a floor monitor for conferences.

This will give you the ability to mute people, manage all invites and manage “hand raises”. Without these practical features, conferences which take place online may be hard for attendees to understand.


Find a “Do Not Disturb” Feature

This feature is designed to give you space. We all need “a moment” to space out our self sometime.

Switch it on when you want to stop incoming calls for a limited time.

For example, if you’re going to be busy with a meeting, lunch or conference, think about turning it on.

It may be programmed so that callers aren’t just ignored. Instead, you may add an extra layer of control by directing them to voicemail or to another preferred end point.


So, Which Features Do You Want/Need?

All VoIP provider companies tend to offer the basics.

What separates the basic providers from the cream of the crop are the most modern features.

Now that you’ve learned about these features, you’ll be ready to find a provider company which really delivers.

I personally think that you should compare at least four companies before making a final decision about which one to go with.

This type of comparison-shopping is also the key to saving money. While the best company may not be the cheapest, it’s always nice to see what different VoIP provider companies charge.

It’s a good way to see if one company is charging too much before you sign on the dotted line.

I really hope that this guide helps you to find an ideal provider which is perfect for your needs and budget.

In my opinion, looking for the most futuristic features is one surefire way to find a company which is really on point.

With this in mind, why not search for the right VoIP provider company today?

You’re here now, ain’t you!

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