The Most Creative Startup Innovations

By Scott

The words Innovation and Start-up usually go together. Start-ups have competition. There are officially more entrepreneurs now than ever before, given that the world’s population is at an all time high. Each year, a new list of innovative start-ups is released, and every year they are more impressive.

This list is as celebratory of innovative start-ups as all the others, but it focuses on categories rather than annual prize-giving.


Ecology Start-Ups

1. Air Water

Have you heard about the start up that has developed a material that contains water from the air?

This start-up from Arizona claims to get 5 liters of drinking water per day out of thin air. Jordan and Mexico were the first countries to try it. Zero Mass Water is its name, and saving water while
becoming rich is its aim.


Employment Start-Ups

2. Interview by Gaming

Imagine your new job interview takes place on a comfortable sofa with a game console, and coffee or orange juice.

Upon completion of the game, you discover if you are the talent that the company has been searching for. Companies, you get to see how a potential employee measures up against not only the rest, but in terms of the risk-aversion and empathy attributes you may be on the hunt for.


Extreme Sport Start-Ups

3. Saving Another Brain

Okay, so football is not exactly an extreme sport, but your brain would disagree with you.

Vicis, from Seattle set about to protect everyone’s heads by creating a helmet that is soft on the outside. How considerate. Rough sports are becoming civilized.

Could it be a sign of the times?

The NFL rated it as the safest in the world in April 2017, and since then many professional players have taken to using it.


Education Start-Ups

4. Learning through gaming

Learning a language using a game based app is not innovative, it has become the norm.

Happy Numbers helps children to learn mathematics using traditional methods but via an app.

Their aim is to further the mastering of mathematical skills, not just the basics.

How is this creative?

Children as young as 4 falling in love with mathematics.


5. Material sourcing

For many students, the cost of the materials they need can equal the cost of the degree. Even if there is a thriving second-hand market, books and materials, even if e-materials are costly. Enter Rafter.

Their system provides e-books and course materials in a cloud-based way. It assists book stores in making their products digital and less costly.

Creative start-ups don’t always need to create a new thing. Sometimes, it is a fresh approach to an old problem, or a novel way of affording every day people the chance to maximize their lifestyles.

Innovation is expected these days. We have come to learn that creative ways of solving problems are usually the best ones.

These start-ups find water in the air, take the heat of the interview process, teach children not scare them off math, and protect our sportspeople in a communal way.


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