Voip Phone Service Vs Regular Phone Service

By Joe

Voip service vs phone

This is a sharing from a netizen and I believe it reflects the life from most of us here.

There is a limit to what it is that I will do in order to use regular phone service.

My wife and I are cell users by and large and to keep in touch since we are also a one car family tend to be out and about more often than not.

I get dropped off at work and she handles the kids all day, getting them from one activity to the next.

The local school needs a phone line at home to one make sure you are part of the neighborhood and two they feel that it is a better way to get a hold of you.

That would be true if we were there. So the question to answer became how to get an inexpensive line but if need be handle calls al over the US.

Enter VOIP service. Voice over internet protocol has been around for well over eight years now. Vonage says of it’s service a great way to phone for less.

Then there is Skype, Magic Jack and others that have come into the new digital realm.

Vonage has many you tube videos of people destroying the phone adapter they use to convert a conversation into a digital signal, however I think this is because they have a track record for poor customer service.

The technology is there to support it’s applications and service for voice over Internet phone calls.

Skype and Magic Jack have pit falls in supporting certain things like faxing and other business uses too. Plus Vonage at least has customer care agents to talk to even if they all do not speak the English language.

What I have decided is that I will use Vonage for the time being in that it does everything I need. I have unlimited calling in may parts of the world features and I do not have to have the computer on at all times.

Plus it has a cost I can live with as well. An added benefit is that if I go away for an extended leave or even move. It comes with me as long as I have high speed Internet.

A Netizen


While it may be true but I had never tested Vonage before so I cannot make any comment about it.

But as long as it suits the user need, I think that fit the purpose. But if I were the netizen, I would start looking at other alternatives such as VoiPo or Phone Power.

If you do not mind the hefty initial cost, consider Ooma instead.

At least, those are the OK VoIP providers in United States that I’ve encounter.

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